Monday, May 28, 2012

Is there me? Free me!

Beyond waking and sleeping,

Is there me, free me!

Beyond repeating and competing,

Is there me, free me!


Beyond ambition and aspiration,

Is there me, free me!


Beyond admiration and inspiration

Is there me, free me!


Beyond tradition and submission,

Is there me, free me!


Beyond reforms and norms,

Is there me, free me!


Beyond dignity and trinity

Is there me, free me!


Beyond colors and discolors

Is there me, free me!


Beyond religion and reason,

Is there me, free me!


Am I an ocean?

Am I a drop in an ocean?

Maybe I am a drop that strives to split from the ocean?

To be free, to be free me!


Dear Readers:- It is another attempt to scribble rhyming words that we call poem. Can you guess my state of mind?


Destination Infinity said...

Well, the butterfly effect states that even a subtle change in a small drop can create a storm. Who knows? :)

Destination Infinity

chitra said...

Getting into philosophy...Nicely penned..

Kalpana said...

Dear A
Very profound! And I guess that you are feeling trapped by the judgements of society that dictate what is the norm, what is right, what if usual.

Renu said...

I can understand how are you feeling..sometimes I also wants to be from everybody, everything....

NRIGirl said...

Good one @A! Seems to me you are under a lot of stress and want to just relax - body, mind and soul...

Shobha said...

Loved it !
Everyone I think in this Universe would like to be free..
But, as you said... are we ???

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Somehow hopeful and yet sad at the same time, I loved this.

Usha said...

Amrit, Nice expression. Are you not describing your state of mind in the last paragraph? I guess you are talking about same day to day routine, competitive fierce world around and to keep up with life many times we just follow it, adapt it...deep in mind you are looking to be different and stay away from the chaos for longer moments and feel the joy of just being pure you in the world that you desire and dream. Messy world is making you unhappy.

Anjuli said...

This is a very deep set of verses- written so plainly and simply- with such depth of meaning one can get swallowed up in thinking about it.

Insignia said...

The lines go zig and zag...Nice words..I see a sadness and also hope in there

Amrit said...

(A comment from my friend who writes very good poems)

Hello Amrit,

It is ver good. I could not open to the comment area in your blog---------

Turn it around-----------I Am--------I Am never free------- I Am ever free-------------I Am Ocean--------I Am a Single Wave-----------I Am connected with All

Whirlwind said...

There is a lot of depth and mixed emotions in your poem. A sense of despair with a little bit of hope.

M'Bai Madrasi said...

This was more than just rhyming words arranged to form a poem.. It had something very deep and meaningful throughout

Amrit said...

A comment from a good friend of mine who writes regularly on spirituality.

Dear Amrit: "Is there me? Free me." What a great poem! But who is this 'I' and 'me'? Our essence is the Self (Soul), Atman, not this body. The Bhagavad-Gita says that the soul is neither born nor it dies: no weapon can cleave it, nor the wind dry it, no fire can burn it, nor the water wet it. The soul is pure and perfect and free. The soul is causeless, and from this follow all the great ideas, including your beautiful poems, that we have. You cannot establish immortality of the soul, unless you grant that it is by its nature free.

So my dear friend, you are free already, your not being free is a mere delusion! But always remind yourself that you are the Self and not the body; you were neither born nor can you die. You are the immortal Self.

Anonymous said...

No Amrit, we are never free. We are all in a phase called life and in it we are never free. Sad truth.

Tanishka said...

Hope you get the freedom you are looking for...

RiĆ  said...

A man is born free but we r always in chains...we r never free!

sm said...

nice thoughtful poem
am i free

Tanvi said...

One can never truly be free. Just a version of freedom.

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