Sunday, December 27, 2020

Year 2020 in Amrit's History Book

  1. A year to be written off but will be written in history as a synonym for the year of the pandemic. 
  2. In 2020, some digitally displayed every bread loaf they baked while some struggled to bring bread to the table. 
  3. For some technology reduced the daily commute to a short walk while millions in India walked thousands of miles to reach home. 
  4. While relentless effort of the Medical community could not prevent millions of deaths, the effort to create vaccine rewarded us with hope. Applying mRNA technology to produce the vaccine in a record of 10 months may become a model for the future. 
  5. Some world leaders made a mockery of medical science but were the first ones to get vaccinated and used science in its most expensive form. 
  6. We learned: A house is not merely painted walls with modern furniture, fixtures, and trinkets. It is a place to work, a safe haven, and most importantly a home. Your family is your best friend. Home made food is not just delicious but precious. 
  7. Chirping birds sound sweeter than party songs. Soothing bright nature is real and a great substitute for reel in dark cinemas. 
  8. Once the largest empire of the world, the United Kingdom, had to negotiate hard to keep its borders open. 
  9.  With the highest turnout in the USA elections, voters ousted Republican incumbent president Donald Trump, while adding Republican candidates in the house. Both parties can claim victory. 
  10. Though the USA is the greatest proponent of human rights, the killing of George Floyd reflected the parallel pandemic of the racial divide. There is no vaccine for this pandemic.
Hope to carry forward 2020 achievements and...

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