Monday, October 18, 2010

Double Trouble

“A man is getting married to two women within one day” I updated my wife with a seemingly interesting news.

“It is not possible. It is not allowed?” My daughter instantly barged in.

“Yes, it is allowed in Pakistan” I replied.

“Is it still allowed in Pakistan?” My wife asked.

“Morally and legally it seems to be allowed. But that is not the real problem with two marriages” I replied.

“What is the problem?” My wife asked.

 “Make a guess.”

Within a fraction of second my daughter started giggling and laughing loudly.  Instantly while laughing she took the words out my mouth, 

“Oh my god! He has to deal with two wives. Double Trouble! That is the problem.”


Anonymous said...

LOL that was funny :)

Insignia said...

Hahahaha so went red? You or your wife? :-)

Kavita Saharia said...

You had me laughing out loud !Good one !I remember these lines i read somewhere 'There was an old fellow of Lyme Who lived with three wives at one time When asked ''Why the third?'' He replied ''One''s absurd, And bigamy, sir, is a crime .

Have a great week !

SG said...

How about manage-a-trois. Some people think it is a good experience.

anupama said...

Dear A,
Good Evening!
Interesting!your daughter-is she a high school student?

Tanvi said...

hehhee Double trouble :P

Funny post!


R. Ramesh said...

hahahha makes me jealous...:)

Rama Ananth said...

You seem to be in a very good mood, coming up with a post dripping with humour. Felt good to read it. Just the right way to start the day. Have a great day.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

It could be argued that it is a very brave man who has more than one wife. Thanks for injecting a bit of humour into my day.

chitra said...

This is hilarious. But what was the message you were trying to convey to your wife?

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

My husband and I joke about this, too. I can't imagine how those Old Testament Patriarchs managed more than one wife, since there is story after story of multiple wives reaping disastrous results.

raji said...

humor apart ..i kept can a man marry 2 at a time? atleast he could hve taken some time break..:)omg...wht all happens in this universe!

Amrit said...


Thanks 


Of course I went red. What makes you think otherwise?


Thanks. I like the joke that you posed in this comment 


Yes but those some people are not us probably.


Sasneham ! My daughter is not yet in high school. How are you doing? It is been a long time since I saw you.


It is funny. Is not it?


What makes you jealous? Are you jealous because your daughter did not make that remark or are you jealous because of second wife…if it is later then I have to say it is a good joke…hahahah. I don’t believe anyone is jealous of that guy.


Yes. I was in good mood last night. I am glad you liked this post. An attempt to write humor like some of my earlier posts.

@Petty Witter,

Yes. He is too brave…mostly one’s strength is the biggest weakness. So we can see his bravery took him to such ‘noble and intelligent’ venture.


Exactly what my daughter said. She took my words.

@Cheesemakin’ Mamma,
You are right. It is not just humor. There is sarcasm too in this post. If I cannot explain to my school going daughter how one could have two wives on the same time…I don’t believe anyone in the USA or India can.




Yes. It still happens in this universe. Read the original BBC article. He agreed to marry the girl picked by his parents and the one he loved..both…keep both happy…rationalization.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Indeed, I would pity the man with two wives. Or the woman with two husbands! ; ) Cute and funny!

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

KIDS they know it all .. these days
but Two wives .. ek kaise sambhaalni hai yeh nahin malum DO kaise :)

god bless him :)

Bikram's blog

kiran sawhney said...

very funny. Then what would you say about the Sheikhs?

Urmi said...

Very nice, interesting and funny post.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha..Smart Girl! How old is she? :) Hubby here says,"One reason for heart attack is more than enough!" :D

Tanvi said...

It is indeed funny ... Come to think of it ... it is trouble only if the wives do not get along.

NRIGirl said...

Oh man! I didn't write anything?! I thought I did and came back to check your feedback... may be I didn't...

My point is, double is always trouble; but not single. How's that?!

Happy Marriage folks - yes, I mean with single spouse!!

Amrit said...


Yes. One spouse is enough. You are absolutely right.


I was hoping you would say something like “after a couple of drinks, it does not matter – two of them appear one or vice versa”


I believe Shiekhs are very unhappy people even though they have a lot of money. So after money they go after first wife. It does not make them happy. So they get married again and that makes them further unhappy. Vicious circle continues.




Your hubby is so right.


I think it is trouble even if they get along well. It is more trouble if they get along well. They can gang up against poor husband.


Double is trouble for sure. Single may be trouble…hahaha

On a serious note, I think people should get married only once in life time. I don’t see any point of second marriage even if spouse is lost.

Punam said...

LOL!! Ek hi bhaari padti hai kitne husbands par.. do to bus, dab hi jayega bechara. Ek jeene nahin degi aur ek marne nahin degi. he he he.

On a serious note, it's not morally right. Even if both the wives are agreeing to the arrangement, yet it is not right at all.

Bikram said...

I would have said that .. but you see i am trying to cut down on the DRINKS now :) so seeing a few things quite clearly now he hehe he :)

Anonymous said...

Haaa... :) Double Trouble indeed, poor fellow!! haa :)

But, there are rules aren't there or circumstances when a man can take a second, third or fourth wife in Islam... or has that turned out to be a status/power show off like in among the African tribes!

marrying more than once, entirely depends on why people marry in the first place! once is good enough and hope everyone has a long blissful one :)

Bhargavi said... Pins says why second when once is good enogh!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I too read it A... Funny but it is very common in Pakistan and ME.

I have some friends who have 3 and 4 wives. I really dont have words for those woman. I still cannot understand how can they share the man they love.

I feel it is unfair to woman...

Amrit said...


You are absolutely right :) Poor man. I agree on your serious note. It is not right.


Cutting down on most important thing in life :)


One is more than enough :) People marry on the first place..that is a very is good idea for next post.


One is more than good enough :)


I don't believe it is so common in Pakistan. That is why it is a news item in Pakistan media too. I don't know about Middle East.


Personally I think SPOUSE=SOUL MATE. There can be one and only one soul mate. How can you share your soul with multiple people?

Punam said...

A: Spouse=soulmate but what happens when soulmate turns monster? India mein hota hai na aisa.. esp arranged marriages mein ladki ko anjaan ladke se baandh diya jata hai.. she reveres him coz he is now her husband.. without even knowing if he actually deserves her reverance or not.. tab woh kya karegi? I guess one and only one soulmate applies when the spouse is really the One.

Renu said...

its funny..I have seen many muslim families, and I cant fathom how they mange this.many wives or evn marrying the cousins..

PNA said...

Love to hear you take on why people marry in the first place, A :)

BK Chowla, said...

And then there are thos ewho cant manage even one.

Amrit said...


Yes. I really meant the person you love and are married to you. Of course if the spouse is a monster, then it does not apply.


Same here. I cannot imagine multiple wives.


Sure...that is an interesting subject...why marry at all.. I can write a post on it but it will be hard to write such a post that kids can also read. I will think about it.


Sure ! A large majority of us :::hahaha)

R. Ramesh said...

hey thanks buddy for your continuous encouragement..:)best wishes always:)

Nisha said...

I am wondering what your wife's reaction was.

Yes, I agree. One is more than enough to deal with. Hope my husband doesn't read your blog.
Ha ha....

Amrit said...


My daughter and I gang up sometimes and tease my wife...sometimes they team up....we cannot always be serious..hahah.

I am hoping your husband DOES READ it. Reiterating that he is NOT THE ONLY ONE please do show him

Sh@s said...

Ha ha...good one :)