Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why does SRK tweet?

I am sure you have heard the news that SRK has started twitting. If not, click this link.

I did not want to spend time to talk with my friends to figure out SRK’s reason for tweeting but my first friend i.e. my brain, outlined the conversation between Karan Johar and SRK which led SRK to create an account on Tweeter.
KJ (Karan Johar): Shahrukh, you should start tweeting.

SRK: What is that?

KJ: Consider it free publicity.

SRK: I am already a popular man. You know that.

KJ: Well, we need more publicity for our new movie.

SRK: We have two new hot movie topics - illness and Islamic terrorism in the movie. That is good for metros. We have a lot tears for female audience too. The movie will be a hit. Don’t worry.

KJ: You are right. But I am little worried. The audience is intelligent now. Adi and I have already used Islamic terrorism formula in New York and Kurban. Paa has been hit and so people have seen illness too.

SRK: You got a point. But we are doing that TV show “Lift Kara De’ and donating 9 Lakh RS on TV. That gives us good publicity.

KJ: We need to think about overseas audience especially the UK and the USA. And moreover Tweeting is free.

SRK: OK. You know better. What do I have to do?

KJ: Just ask your personal assistant to type few lines on the computer.

SRK: What kind of lines?

KJ: Just say something. Whatever comes to your mind like ‘I am relaxing’ or ‘My vacation is over’

SRK: But my Personal Assistant does not know English that well.

KJ: He does not have to know English. He should be able to type simple sentences.

SRK: But his spellings are atrocious.

KJ: On twitter, they don’t care about spellings or grammar. As long it seems like an English sentence, we should be fine.

SRK: I think he can do that. But how does tweeting help us?

KJ: Media will cover it and that is free publicity. Once we declare you are on tweeter, a lot of teenage girls, bored housewives and also a lot of men will feel connected to you in 2010.

SRK: And they will bring them to theaters when the movie releases.

KJ: Exactly.

SRK: Do you make movies or market movie?

KJ: Marketing is the key.

SRK: Let me call my personal assistant here.

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Anonymous said...

Good imagination!!


Amrit said...

Thanks Satish.

Insignia said...

:-) You put the fact in such simple way! Awesome.....

Well, SRK is getting his dues. :-)