Sunday, February 6, 2022

Kunal's email opposing Hatcher Property Rezoning

 Dear Town Council and Planning and Zoning Board,

I am a resident of the Magnolia Estates neighborhood, and we are directly impacted by the proposed rezoning of Hatcher property. I would like to humbly request to please oppose 21-REZ-09.  

The proposal is way too dense – 4.16 units/acre – and is not low density and does not comply with the Cary Community Plan for Neighborhood South.   

Cary Community Plan page 189 clearly states “Residential development further afield should use a scale and density comparable to the nearby established neighborhoods in Olde Carpenter and Magnolia Estates.”

Despite the application claiming to be compliant with the Cary Community Plan, it is not. This impacts traffic including cutting the road from our neighborhood which has small streets as well as school overcrowding.

Please oppose 21-REZ-09, and work with the applicant to bring their plan into compliance with the Cary Community Plan.

Best regards,

Kunal Thakkar

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