Saturday, February 5, 2022

Hatcher Property Rezoning Email Help

These are the instruction from Dr. Mihai for formulating emails to the Town of Cary Council for the Hatcher Property Rezoning Opposition. 

1. CASE #: Include case# 21-REZ-09 Hatcher Property at the top of the email.

2) BE RESPECTFUL AND USE POSITIVE CALLS TO ACTION: I also encourage the end of comment to have a positive statement or call to action, such as "Please oppose this rezoning, and protect myself and the other families directly impacted by this decision, who are counting on the Town of Cary to hear the voices of its citizens." 

3) IMPACTFUL AUTHENTIC STORIES ARE STRONGER THAN GENERIC COPY-PASTED. It is MUCH more preferable for you to share your own experience - how will this rezoning negatively impact you? What positive call to action do you want from the Town of Cary?  What issues have you had so far with the experience?

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