Saturday, February 5, 2022

Amrit's Letter to the Town of Cary Council about Hatcher Property Rezoning

 Subject: Petition 21-REZ-09: Hatcher Property Rezoning

Dear Town of Cary Council, Planning and Zoning Board

As a Cary citizen, I would like to thank the Town of Cary council and Planning & Zoning Board for all their hard work and dedication.

After living in four countries and five cities, we made Cary our home in 1998. We fell in love with the town the day we landed in Cary. The decision was simple - let us move. We loved the town then; we love the town now. We love downtown, lakes, and tree-lined streets. Our daughter grew up here, studied in Davis Drive Elementary and East Cary Middle School. Cary is our home, our ONLY home.

As a Cary-loving citizen, we strongly urge the Town Council and Planning board to not approve the rezoning of the Hatcher property (Petition 21-REZ-09) to townhomes. That land parcel appears appropriate for a low-density residential area which will be comparable in scale and density of Magnolia Estate and Olde Carpenter. No one can dispute the imminent growth of the area however maintaining the balance between nature and concrete is critical.  Managed growth with high quality of life was (is) the vision of our town.

I hope the elected and unelected officials consider the interest of the Cary citizens and our community. We love Cary. We love our only home. Please help to keep our home, our Cary serene, and consistent with its vision.



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