Monday, April 18, 2016

Is a glass of wine good for heart or?

WineA glass of wine is good for heart. We often hear it. I don’t know if it is true or not. Nevertheless, I think wine is very good for memory and this is my recent conclusion based on a very ‘scientific’ phone conversation.
My friend picked up his phone and asked loudly, “Hello, who is it?”
“Hey, it is Amrit.”
“Who?”His reply was as if he was talking with a totally unknown person.
“It is Amrit. Do you remember me? We met at Sanjay’s house.”
“Hey, I don’t remember any Amrit. I seriously do not. My memory is not very good man.” It seemed like he did not have any recollection of me. That was strange.
“I wanted to invite you for a party. I got some wine here.” I stated my reason for the call.
“Oh, yes. I vaguely remember you. Your voice is familiar.” Mention of the word ‘wine’ rejuvenated the brain cells responsible for decoding voice.
“Please do come. A friend gifted me this wine. He says it is very old.” I further added.
“I remember you. You worked with Nortel and now you work with Nokia.” An additional word ‘old’ fed a burst of oxygen to old memory cells and suddenly my work history is retrieved from the ‘Recycle Bin’ to the root directory.
“I am glad. Wine is probably of 1970s. I will text you my address.”
“I remember your house. You live in Rajiv’s neighborhood. What time shall I come?” The age of his brain cells is perhaps less than wine’s age, so they have to become active. His memory cells cleared like a stream of water cleans the dust from surface.
My friend arrived on time and his memory is completely restored. That proves my hypothesis.

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baili said...

hi,its been long time na?glad you are back too and hope that you still remember one of your visitor,it really hurts when a person who you expect to know or remember you reacts like he did ,