Monday, June 27, 2011

4th July Independence Day

While we prepare for the 4th July, the US Independence Day fireworks and celebrations, here is my list of seven most interesting facts about the country:

  1. Both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, who signed the Declaration of Independence and served as the President, died on the same day: 4th July 1826, 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.
  2. Franklin Roosevelt is the only president who was elected and served for three full 4 years terms. Though elected, he died in the office before completing the fourth term. In 1951, the US government ratified the constitution to limit the President’s term to two.
  3. Gerald Ford held positions of the Vice President and the President without being elected.
  4. The Statue of Liberty, a key monument of the USA, was designed by a French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi and is a gift from France.
  5. The largest city of the USA is Juneau, Alaska. (Not NY or LA or Chicago).
  6. London Bridge built over Thames River (London) in 1840s, was transplanted to Lake Havasu, Arizona.
  7. A part of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes are enshrined at Lake Shrine near LA.

With great technological advancements, the USA has abundance of natural beauty too. Pictures tell a complete story.

A waterfall in the mountains of the North Carolina:



Epcot Theme Park, Disney World:


Kennedy Space Center:


Kennedy Space Center NASA:


Mountains of Northern California:


God bless America!!

Can you guess the best place to live in the USA?


Harish P I said...

Interesting facts.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Some of these facts are new to me. Pictures are wonderful as they are always. I've lived in Seattle for a year and I loved the place very much.

Mishilicious Mishi said...

ohh now these are some of the facts that most of us here din know..thanks for posting A:-)

Irfanuddin said...

informative n interesting facts.....and pics are awesome as usual....thanks for sharing here.

Kavita Saharia said...

Lovely post with facts and beautiful pictures .Thanks for sharing.
I have got no idea which one is the best place to live in USA ... tell us .

NRIGirl said...

Sure, let me try: 1. Home, 2. Home, 3. Home, 4. Home & 5. Home!

Beautiful pictures @A! Love that waterfall. Must visit sometime...

Insignia said...


gorgeous pictures..the best place to live in USA is the place where you have your home, friends and which you can relate to :)

BK Chowla, said...

Every American is so proud of being an American. On indepedence day, everyone carries a little USflag around.

Anonymous said...

Wow the pics look amazing!!


Alka Gurha said...

The second pic is amazing...

Urmi said...

I was not aware of it. Lovely, interesting and informative post. Very beautiful pictures specially the Theme Park,Disneyland shot is superb.

Anjuli said...

Some of those facts I knew- but there were some I had not idea about!! Great information!! Also- I LOVED the pictures...each and every one of are a great photographer.

As far as the best place to live in the US...I would have to say WESTERN WASHINGTON...specifically the Seattle area!! :)

Destination Infinity said...

Never heard about Juneau! The movies seem to like NYPD or LAPD - The former for crime fighting, and the latter for natural disasters! :)

Destination Infinity

sm said...

beautiful pics
wasnt aware about few facts.

R. Ramesh said...

super photos from a super man...hey buddy how is yr health now yar? tc..if u feel like taking break, come down to dubai..cheers

Rià said...

Beautiful pics....especially the ones of NASA and Disney World. said...

beautiful pictures.....I love each of them :)
To me Michigan is best place to live in USA quite peaceful,close to Canada (jus twenty mins from border)lots of greenery ,MOTOR city and cost of living is very low.
"God Bless America"

Amrit said...




Thanks for complimenting the pictures. Glad to know you lived in Seattle for a year. I never been there but I heard it is very beautiful.


You are very welcome.


Thanks for complimenting the pictures.


Thanks. The best place to live in the USA is Cary. NC. I will let you guess the reason.


You are right. It is home, home and home. Thanks.


Thanks. The best place to live is Cary, NC. Guess why?


Yes. Every American carries America flag on 4th July. Very proud to be American. Got to learn something.


Thanks for the compliments.


For the second picture, I did not have to click the camera. Meaning I placed it on tripod and let timer trigger it. 


Thanks. Night photography is slightly difficult. I tried there.


Thanks. Yes, I expect Americans to know about all but some of them may not interest them. The best place to live is Cary, NC. It is a trick question.


Juneau is largest city is size but not in population. Alaska is not very populated state.




I am planning to go somewhere else. May be next time I will plan to come to Dubai. Thanks for the invitation.


Thanks. KSC is a great place to visit too.


Thanks. Cary, NC is the best place to live. Michigan is too cold.

Simply Speaking "A" Simple Blogger

dr.antony said...

Those pictures are lovely.Expansive land area,naturally beautiful,sparse population, good combination,isnt it?

Nirvana said...

Wow! Thanks for the facts! Didn't know any of them! And lovely pictures!

kiran sawhney said...

Interesting facts.
Very interesting is that I have travelled to each of the places that you have mentioned in your pictures. :))

Rachna said...

Pictures are great. As for the facts, I skimmed over them ;-). And the best place to stay in any country is your home, of course.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Thanks for some interesting facts - I had no idea about the largest city, I would have put my money on New York.

Some wonderful photos as well, I love the scenery of pictures 1, 2 and 5, thanks for sharing them.

Suruchi said...

great are turning out to be quite a photographer A:-)
i know, i know-u'll say it's the subject...let me add, it's also u:-)

Navjot Kashyap said...

Great pics...
Seems you love history...
Best place to live in America...I have no idea..but it would certainly be in the lap of nature...please write a post on it
My ideal way would be to live 2 months at a place..then 2 at other..i.e..6 places a year..

Amrit said...

@Dr. Antony,

USA is pretty populated. Much higher population density as compared to Australia and Canada. But of course it is not as bad as India.




That is awesome. Let me guess you have been to Florida when you were in NC and went to Alaska in a cruise when you visited Seattle. But when did you go to California?


Home is the best place. Thanks.


Actually in mainland 48 states, I believe Jacksonville is the largest. I may be wrong though.


Of course subject is the most important. A good photographer is one who knows a good subject so credit goes to me also :))) Thanks.


It is not that I love history. Last two post happens to be on history. I write on whatever comes to my mind. Explore more posts and hopefully your opinion will change. SO far I wrote 103. For me the best place to live is HOME. I will write a place to live...great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hmm.... Pics are lovely as usual. Didn't know most of these facts. Especially the last one.

Where you live now, right? he he

But I have heard Houston has a good population of Indians. Hindi FM and restaurants too. :D

Rama Ananth said...

Pictures are great.

Mann_se said...

Wowww!...nice 2 know all dese GK sucks 4 sure:-\.....gud shots! and best place 2 live in USA I guess I've 2 stay in all the states of US 2 tell u specifically :P:D ...So,I'll say, the best place is where ur heart is and home is where ur heart is ....

BTW,Happy Independence day in advance !! US Jai ho!:D

Mann se.............

raji said...

late again:)last one to comment!well very interesting facts A .I kew only the 4th one amongst that..mahatma gandhi's ashes in La !pretty surprising.Best place to live in Usa ,I liked insignia's answer for that.I loved every part of usa which I have visited till now.I have visited around 8states .

Shobha said...

Thanks for sharing the info...and nice pics.
We had visited Disney world way back when my kids were small.
I never knew that Juneau is the largest city in USA.
4th of July fireworks are really amazing.. I missed this time as I am already back in Mumbai.
Happy Independence day in advance.

Tanishka said...

I had never heard any of those facts so thanks.... I loved the Diney World pic the most... :)

The Panorama said...

Very nice post! I have been to the USA twice, to New York and California. I want to see the southern states. Hopefully one day I will viist it.

Btw check out my post...about Oslo:)

baili said...

a very nice post with great information,

am becoming a fan of your amazing pictures,especially the photo taken in night has a strength to hold eyes for long,
thanks for lovely sharing
god bless A.

Tanvi said...

Thanks for sharing these facts. Quite a few of them were new to me! :)

♡ from ©

R. Ramesh said...

thanks boss

Usha said...

A, Wonderful post to mark memory of American Independence Day.I liked the combination of great facts and nice pictures showing natural beauty and important landmarks of far as best place to live in USA is CARY for you.

God bless America!! Happy 4th of July.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Number 5 really surprised me! Well, as I'm sure you've guessed, having some major issues with my own country, I also have really big issues with the US.. so I'll skip the whole "God Bless America" thing. But I'll wish you a happy long weekend!

Amrit said...


You are right. The best place is where I live.




Thanks. Happy Independence Day to you too.


Best place to live is a trick question. It is where I live. Thanks.


Thanks. Jueanu is the largest in term of size. 4th July fireworks are really good.




I checked out. It is awesome. Come to southern states. They are good.


Thanks. Am learning to take some good pictures.




You are welcome.


Thanks. I tried to capture man made and nature
beauty. Yes. Cary is the best place to live.

You are honest. !!! Thanks

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Me again. According to a quiz I have just done the best place for me to live in the US would be the Rocky Mountains - obvious when I think about it, I mean where could be better for someone with mobility problems.

Seema said...

The best place to live in USA as voted by Money Magazine is Eden Prairie, MN (where I stay of course)
Well, if your question was 'Can you guess the best place for me to live in USA?' I would have said your home definitely :)

Lovely captures

Kalpana said...

liked your facts about the United States and loved the pics.
I guess NY is the best place to live in the US because I love NY. Although, its hard to decided since I was very taken by Chicago too.
Did you have a good July 4th weekend? I think fireworks and picnics are a lovely way to celebrate a national holiday. Beats parades and speeches!!

Geeta said...

Have a nice vacation and do let us know where you went.

In btwn, I have a similar pic as your photo #1 from my trip to NC years ago.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Dropping by to say hello - I hope all is well with you and yours.

Anil P said...

Fact No. 7 is interesting. Hadn't known of it.

R. Ramesh said...

buddy...long time no c...wssp? sure all ok..

R. Ramesh said...

hey nice to 2 hear fm u yar..thanks...and happy to c how popular u are among our blog friends..kep the cheers buddy.

Neha @ All things beautiful... said...

Lovely post! I never knew most of the facts..thanks for sharing. Lovely shots! Glad to have foun your blog.

Sandhya said...
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Sandhya said...

Some facts about America are new to me!

My son lives there and loves America. Must be good!

All the pictures are beautiful, esp. the 'Kennedy Space Centre'!

Thank you, A!