Monday, April 4, 2011

Caption the Capture–Answer


Like a number of my other posts, comments on my ‘Caption the Capture’ post are more entertaining and intelligent than the original post. Readers, my friends and my wife enjoyed reading all the comments and proposed captions. On the picture of a class room of a local high school, a number of intelligent readers left interesting comments and captions:

Jidhu Jose: - Balls in Action

  • Could not stop laughing at this apparently simple phrase with several meanings.

Always Happy: - Bouncing Chairs

  • Kept bouncing on my chair after that with smiles and chuckles.

Kiran:- Cheer Ball

  • Yes. Let us cheer and we did.

Chatter Box (Dialogewithyou):- Silent Sporty Legs

  • Very nice because it is so close my original caption.

Raji:- Floor Guard

  • Wife says she needs a carpet guard too.

Anjuli:- Balls of Silence

  • Of course nice as this one is almost my caption.

Jyothi:- Balled Down

  • Yes and India did the same.

Zeal:- Figs On Heels and Let’s Go Green

  • My wife could not stop laughing on the first one.

Suruchi:- BALLS come handy-ANYWHERE n EVERYWHERE

  • I had to ask readers to check their age.

Bikramjit:- Scratches Not Allowed On Floor

  • No scratches on the floor but brain can be scratched.

Traveling Hawk:- Moving Green

  • Yes. Reuse is the key.

Shooting Star:-Ballsy Legs

  • Made it tough.

PW:- SERVING the Community Since 1900

  • I thought of disclosing my caption at this point because I got both words in different comments.

Aragorn:- Evergreen Ever After

  • I am sure we will think green and green.

My initial thought was: - Silence Served

Thank you everyone for superb support and amazing remarks. It was one of the most amusing post for me.


Rià said...

Really, interesting it was.

Phewww said...

wow.... silence served??? tats really cool one... :D

kiran sawhney said...

You make your posts so interesting and interactive.

Bikram said...

:) nice one ..

Destination Infinity said...

Interesting idea to ensure silence when pulling the chairs! I never thought this set up could have an application :)

Destination Infinity

Anjuli said...

I love it- silence served!!!!! Now why didn't I think of that? I loved the entertaining.

as always love your creative blog!

M'Bai Madrasi said...

Interesting title..indeed..
you did not mention the place you captured the served silence...

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Some great captions, I do love this idea of yours.

Tanvi said...

Great Idea! :)

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Tanishka said...

Interesting captions... Enjoyed reading them... :)

sm said...

good one

Usha said...

A, just now read your both the posts on caption the capture, absolutely unique and very creative to tickle all brains with this simple picture. Great posts. :)

Neeha said...

Conference hall is not a bad guess,is it??
Interesting comments

Sh@s said...

Interesting answers :D
Silence served sounds good :)

Bhargavi said...


Shari said...

Very good post. Very interesting :)

Asma said...

Interesting !!!

Anu said...

OMG!!! OMG!!
This is the problem with my reading...I always go from old posts to the new one! And that is how I left my stupid silly comment in ur previous post!
Now I should grow up, and start reading from new to the old avoid such emabarassmenets :(

Punam said...

Interesting and amusing!! I missed this one! I hope to participate in the next :)