Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snow, Screaming and School

“Oh My God, wow it is snowing”, my daughter screamed as soon as she got up this morning.

“Yes. It is so beautiful”, my wife joined her at the window looking outside.

She was right.

White flurries, like small pieces of cotton, look beautiful. White accumulation on trees, bushes, sidewalks, grass, roofs and roads change the surroundings. Landscape appeared fresh, pure and unpolluted. Enjoying this stunning scenery is exciting and yet has a soothing effect.

In this part of North Carolina a snow day is a mini celebration as it is an infrequent event. A slight trace of snow and sometimes even some flurries can cause school closures. Keeping the spirit, the schools were closed today.

Usha, the most humble blogger I know, posted pictures of an earlier snow day here. Usha mainly writes recipes for delicious dishes but sometimes she treats us with wonderful pictures on her posts. Besides culinary, her photography skills are par excellence. Usha introduced me to the blogging. She is my first reader and is a constant source of encouragement.


Neeha said...

Hope you enjoy it....
Thanks 4 giving the Usha's link....
Her veg-biryany pic is mouth-watering...
Surely helps me in the future..

Insignia said...

The earth is so white, so pure and so refreshing. I wish it snowed in this part of the world I live.

Tanvi said...

It never snows here. It is good to see it in pictures ... but I think I cannot take any more cold that what it is right now! :) Will check out Usha's blog!

chitra said...

Wow, snowing!!!. The pictures on Usha's blog are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

shuchita said...

looks pretty enjoy the snow :)

Tanishka... said...

Nice pic... Even I want some snow....

Bikram said...

same here A... everything is so WHITEEEEEEEEEEE :)

Nisha said...

Oh, I am so missing snow in this part of the world. :(

Geeta said...

Awww ... We had a white Christmas last year. I like snow in moderation. Will visit Usha's site soon.

Deepika Vasudeva said...

never seen snow boo hoo hoo,...

raji said...

wow ... that's what i exclaim when i see pictures of snow itself!so imagine my fate when i really come across.But I know how boring it is for the people staying in routine snowing areas.We had just mild traces of snow the other day here in california,which is very rare ,and I was really excited.I am actually waiting for my Seattle trip this christmas,were i will visit a snowy place. said...

nice..we have lots of snow here..not worth mentioning its like slush all around ..its snowing again..with zero visibility!

Harini said...

I so wish it snowed here :).

sm said...

good she got holidays
nice pic
love the pics of snow

RiĆ  said...

Wow!! How i wish i cud touch snow...i love snow!! :( Unfortunately i have never felt snow.

NRIGirl said...

So was it a snow day for Mom & Dad too?! Enjoy!!

dr.antony said...

Reminds me of those Christmas cards!

Shobha said...

Beautiful.I love the snow.
Last year I was in the US when it snowed.

Renu said...

wow..snow looks so beautiful and whenevr I see everything covered in snow, I feel like going there this time.

Anonymous said...

woww..wish i was in a place like this..:) :)

Anonymous said...

:) I already love her blog. :)

kiran sawhney said...

Very nice picture. Snow looks nice only in picture to me. I am not a winter person. I crib in Delhi winter also. And snow and extreme winter, makes me really low. I am waiting for sunshine.

Neena Sharma said...

I was in the US last month, much before the snowing started. And I was totally paralyzed by the chill. Can't imagine how people enjoy/function in such cold weather. A question of acclimatisation I think.

Amrit said...


We enjoy snow because it is only once in a while event. I am glad you liked Usha’s blog.


Sure. You will be in a part of the world where it snow.


We get used to the cold. It is not too bad. But keep in mind, it is only once a year event here. But it gets very cold here.






Thanks 


Yes. Europe is also white these days.


Yes. We like to snow once in a while.


I agree. If it always snow, we won’t like it.


You will see it one day for sure. Only recently we saw some snow.


People find snow activities if it is regular.


We don’t need so much snow here. Keep it in MI.


Where are you? Where is your ‘here’?


Yes school closing and office closing is good for one or two days.


Of course. Snow for mom and dad too.


It does look like Christmas card.






You will be one day. 




One gets used to snow and finds the fun in it. But of course if you are a summer person, snow is only good in pictures.


We cover ourselves with really warm clothes and every building is heated anyway. It works out. It is not too bad.

Punam said...

Looks beautiful, although I am not sure if i'd say the same for how it'd feel. :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Snow is so beautiful. I'm almost always happy when it snows (though it's been a bit stressful this time in the UK with airport closures and such). I didn't realize you lived in North Carolina. A couple of my friends go to university in Chapel Hill.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying the snow..if you have too much send some to us... :)

Amrit said...


It look beautiful and feels good for sometime. :)))


Yes, if snow affects travel or daily life, then it is kind of difficult. I am only 15 miles from UNC.


Snow is already melted. Prediction is for more but I doubt.

Bhargavi said...

oh wow!! the pic is lovely !

Usha said...

A ... Short and sweet post to mark the snow Day...Lovely snow rightly said that even an inch snow fall is celebration time in our town.

Thanks for referring my snow post. I read the post on the same day but got busy and could not get back to the mean time I was delighted to see that all your buddies stopped by and took moments to see and appreciate snow pictures. I welcome and thank them all.

I am happy that my blog played part in initiating your blogging..In one year you have nicely added different flavors to your blog...Good luck and thanks for being my blog buddy. :)

BK Chowla, said...

You guys are so lucky to be in such an exciting place.
Yes, I read how best to make good biryani

Anonymous said...

To enjoy snow in it's best... go skiing... tobaganning... tubing... turn on the fireplace and cuddle up with a good book and hot chocolate.... you'll love it!

Is this your first winter in NA?

Chandrika Shubham said...

Nice photo. :)
Hope u have enjoyed this experience with ur family. :)