Thursday, September 23, 2010

Politicians’ Proclamations

I read somewhere “The difference between a caricature and the caricatured ceases if the subject is a politician.” 

It is so true. Let us read some recent statements of politicians.

Commonwealth Shames (ops sorry Games) mess led some Indian politicians to make a few unintelligent statements.

Sports Minister M S Gill had compared the Games to a typical Indian wedding — where there is chaos right until the groom arrives, but where things always work out well in the end. Neither CGG (Commonwealth Games Federation) CEO Hooper nor any other person found this statement appropriate. What was Mr. Gill thinking? His wedding?

As ‘The Anonymous From Morrisville’ pointed in my earlier post (7 Habits : Must Maintain), Lalit Bhanot, Games Organizing Committee Secretary General, says “These rooms are clean to both you and us. However, it may not appear so to some others. They want certain standards in hygiene and cleanliness which may differ from our perception.” Even Pakistani news media believes Lalit Bhanot has shamed India. The pictures on BBC site show horrifying conditions. Does Mr Lalit Mohan mean 'me' when he says ‘us’ ? 

In an interview, Delhi Chief Minister cleverly refused to take any responsibility and says “The buck does not stop with me. I’m one of the cogs in the wheel. The wheel is moving. We are working in tandem now because it’s everybody’s game. It’s the country’s game.” Yes, it is county’s game but should not you take responsibilities for not acting right. Can we remove the broken cog please?

We think these statements are inane. Yes they are. However the most outrageous statement of the day is from Iranian President Ahmadinejad “Most people believe the U.S. government was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.” He said that just few miles away from the site of attack. What is he aiming - Nobel Peace Prize?

With leader like these, where is the world going?

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SG said...

For once, one Indian politician was right. Mr. Mani Shankar Iyer, a Congress MP and an ex-Minister, said in June 2010 that the Commonwealth Games are a sheer waste of money and questioned the CWG leadership. He was admonished by Sonia mathaji (in Tamilnadu, Annai Sonia).

Amrit said...


Is not June 2010 too late to say CWG a waste of money? His questioning CWG leadership was right of course. Annai Sonia should quit now.

NRIGirl said...

@A looking at the pictures now you will believe what I had said about my Delhi interview with betel chewing officials...

Here's the link to that post: G.T. Express Memories"

(I had to remove that part from my post as Mom didn't approve of my comments)

chitra said...

Even after all the events that unfolded relating to CWG corruption, I wonder why so stringent measures are applied or why no one is taking responsibility and leaving? Shameful......

chitra said...

An error occurred while posting a reply. Shall come back to check again.

A New Beginning said...

Thats our leadership...epitome of examples that should never be followed.
Thats a very thought provoking post A.

SG said...

Yes, she should quit. What is her qualification? Got got la*d by Rajiv Gandhi. That is her only qualification.

Nisha said...

Again one of the posts which I have shared on my reader. :)
Sonia can't quit. I am sure she also gets a cut. Everybody out there is a part of this atrocity by one way or the other and they all are defending each other.

All should be brought to task. Can't a RTI be filed on what actually happened with the funds ?

Amrit said...

@NRI, Tanks. I can agree with you now.

@Chitra:- It is really shameful. No accountability.

@Sana:- Yes. They are epitome of disgrace.

@SG:= Yes. Democratic dynasty.

@Nisha:- Thanks for sharing. Corruption beyond my imagination. Sure they know where the funds went but no one wants to find that.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Hey.. I am sorry but can i please have a hearty laugh..........

I was having discussion with a few people on facebook regarding this and guess what .. I am a FOOL and UN-Patriotic to say that CWG has brought shame and that it shud be stopped ..
But then I have been called a few names by some DECENT people and indeed articles written about it anyway dont want to go there ..

I guess i am better off being a fool after reading the statements above..

Regarding everyone saying they shud be punished, brought to task well to them I would say WAIT and WATCH.. when was the last time someone was brought to Task..

But hey Sorry I do find it funny and thanks for sharing made me smile and as they say laughter is the best medicine :)

Amrit said...


See the first line of this post. Cartoons are funny and yet bring the truth.

No need to be sorry.

Nothing will happen to these politicians.

Kavita Saharia said...

I still remember how great it was to watch India host 1982 Asian Games ...color tv was just introduced in India then.Now after almost 18 yrs,look how poorly prepared we are for the CWG.
India will never recover from this CWG disgrace.A very sad and hopeless situation.Bikram is right --when was the last time someone was brought to task.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

I'm always amazed at the inappropriate things that politicians say, considering they are professional politicians and surely their job is to smooth things over. Ridiculous.

And I think Ahmadinejad was quoting my grandfather, he's been saying that for years!
Interestingly, an Iranian friend of mine, teaching me to pronounce Admadinejad, told me "try saying "I'm gonna need a job," really quickly!"

Amrit said...

@kavita, yes it is pathetic situation. 1982 was different. India is very popular now and considered 3rd biggest power in the world. One of the fastest growing economy and everyone wants a market share in India. This was the perfect opportunity for India to raise the bar..lost. Bik is right. I don't remember any politician ever punished in India.

@Emily, you always have smart comments. Thanks. What I don't understand how they manage to reach to top?

Urmi said...

Its very very pathetic and shameful for our country who is so unorganized and could not plan anything systematically for CWG. I feel that CWG should not take place. Yesterday I was surprised to see the pictures of the toilets and the venue which was so dirty and it was published in The West Australian newspaper. Its a really shame. The politicians will remain corrupted and if we wish that Sonia Gandhi will quit it is impossible.

Samvedna said...

Just like they say..failure has no father whereas success has many.

Dont you see that when such an international fiasco we are facing and silence on parts of all politicians beit PM, Sonia Gandhi, or nobody is raising any issue, sometimes I think that everyone has a share in this giant pie.

sm said...

He is right,
majority Indians are used to live like a slave.

Tanvi said...

i cannot help but shake my head in frustration! i do not want to be negative. I do not wan to say negative things about my country but these leaders do not leave any other options. However, people who voted or them [At least in Democracies, I realize it would apply to Iran and other monarchies] need to take some responsibility too. We need to start at the root level. But yes, that can only be a hope for future. For now we just have to deal with the shame and hope games go on to the best possible outcome!

kiran sawhney said...

The reference links you have given are amazing.
CWG- I wonder how and what is going to happen.
Yes, the statements made by these politicians are outrageous.

BK Chowla, said...

At the end of the day, every statement absolves the politicians of all the wrong doings.
These jokers are here to enjoy every perk in the world at our expense, but have no responsibility towards any one in the country--except for their personal gains and their families.
The reason is that we 120 cr are spineless and without a vocal chord.

Amrit said...

@Babli, you are so right. BBC, SMH, Australian, Google, CNN etc. all are full of CWG coverage.

@Samvedna:- Yes. No one is willing to take any responsibility now.

@SM:- Yes. Politicians still think that way.

@Tanvi:- Is it really democracy in India? I question that. Picking an evil who is less harmful is the criteria for voting and dynasties continue.

@Kiran:- I will ashamed. I read some statements from Australian athletes 'DEFENDING' CWG - far better than what our politicians could up with with.

@BK:_ They are really jokers. When things go beyond a certain limit, things change. It is not going to evolution..more like revolution.

Insignia said...

Have no hope in this CWG thing. Shame on those politicians. They want to make money at the cost of their country

Neena said...

I don't see the point of organising such events in India. What were they trying to show off in the first place? India's poverty?

raji said...


raji said...

@ A i completely agree witht these proclaimations ;they are just meant to do that .i just drove an inspiration from that comment from neena.