Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Babri Mosque Ram Janam-bhoomi Solution

The Supreme Court of India dismissed a petition seeking rescheduling of the Allahabad High Court verdict on Babri Mosque/ Ram Jamam-Bhoomi dispute and in turn the verdict is due on 30th September 3:30PM IST. In preparation for the verdict, the security is being beefed up and a lot of people believe the verdict will be challenged. Regardless of the decision, the chances are, dispute will continue.

So who owns it – Hindus or Muslims? 

Is it going to be a temple or a mosque? Is a solution possible?

Yes, a solution is possible. In a forward looking society and growing economy we need schools, houses and hospitals.

Possible Solution: Build a state of art hospital to treat Hindus, Muslims and people from other religions. Lord Rama and Prophet Mohammed both will be happy to see their followers being cured. Does anyone disagree with it?

Funding for this Hospital: The hospital be funded with the money
•Hindus and Muslims will save by not spending on lawyers over next few decades
•Government will save on courts hearings and security
•Saving that local businesses will make by averting the riots and looting

First Act of This Hospital: Assist delivering babies of a Muslim and a Hindu woman. On newly born babies, perform EEG, ECG, Blood, DNA and most importantly genes testing. Guess what will doctors conclude? Can they figure out an iota of difference between the two and differentiate between a Hindu and a Muslim baby.

Well we don’t have to be physicians and conduct numerous tests. We know the answer. I only wish people fighting over this issue understand.

Do you agree with me? Do you have an alternate solution? 


SG said...

Excellent idea. However, the judicial system has to be blamed. 60 years to decide a single case? Only in India.

Amrit said...


60 years in Independent India as yet. The case will continue in the Supreme court - I am sure of that. Only in India.

NRIGirl said...

Thank you @A! I learnt a new word today: "iota"

Here's the definition:
iota n. The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet. A very small amount; a bit: not an iota of truth to that tale.

~ NRIGirl

Amrit said...


There are several definitions of Iota:-

1. Of course Greek Alaphet.

2. In Math, 'iota' is square root of (-1). It forms an imaginary number. (There are several other Greek Alphabets like Alpha, Beta, Gamma in Math)

3. In English, I have seen it being used as smallest possible amount.

The point is there is absolutely no difference between Hindus and Muslims (for that matter ohter religions) when they start their lives....differences are created over the time.

Religion is supposed to bring people together...we see the opposite to be true more often than we need.

Kavita Saharia said...

Excellent ideas !If only it was so simple.There are so many things playing part here- religion,politics and also sentiments.Things are not as simple as they look.Logic takes back seat in a situation like this.Just see how strongly the plan of building a Mosque near 9/11 site is being opposed by many citizens of USA--a simple statement by Prez Obama supporting the idea landed him in trouble.

Rama Ananth said...

Even I don't understand why they should build a Mosque near ground zero, when they already have enough mosques in the city. Politics is being played out there too. Is there a solution there?
The answer is no. Just like that in India too, we the common people want neither a Mosque nor a temple, and we too have been advocating that the place be used to build something productive, that the whole country will appreciate and benefit.
It is so easy to dish out suggestions for others, but when it comes to our own dispute there is silence.
India is a big country, and is also growing rapidly,so too are its problems, it is not so easy to find solutions to all our problems or wish them away overnight.
I feel you people have lived for too long in a foreign country that you have forgotten how our country works.
We too want all the changes, but we know we have to be patient, for we know that there is still light at the end of the tunnel for India, which one can't say for many countries out there.

Amrit said...


Logic has to take precedent and we have to keep simple to move forward. Babri Mosque is not a territorial dispute that will take 60 years of court cases to solve. Humans shall be considered more important than religion. I also disagree with the whole idea of building mosque on 9/11 site. It makes no sense. We should build something of National Significance or International kind of monument there.


India is a growing country and hence it needs to find solutions fast. Sixty years is kind of slow and this won't be solved for several more years. I have not been out of India that long. So know how it works also internet has made the world very small. Do you really believe either a mosque or a temple can solve this problem? Either way, there is going to be a dispute and will never end. Muslims will not accept temple and Hindus will not accept a mosque. History will be quoted and case will continue. There is no end to it on religious grounds....

kiran sawhney said...

Big Applaud to you. People all over are criticizing the verdict, making assessments. I spoke to so many. I even asked, what according to you can be the SOLUTION. No one answered. You gave a fabulous solution. I agree.

Anonymous said...

well said..Alternate solution? Build an orphanage..or a shelter with basic necessities for those who do not have shelter..Or a TEMPLE and a MOSQUE. But why give in to all those who fight in the name of religion?

Anonymous said...

Superb Idea! . It will be great, If this Idea is will be Success.

And Other Solution, is can go for Old age home, or orphanage . Where Hindus and Muslims can serve the orphans & aged people

Anonymous said...

I wish they go with your first solution..A Hospital. or else let them build something there where people of all religion are free to visit and pay respects.

60years for a solution...lol... what a judicial system we have?

Let us all take a radical pledge that we will encourage our kids to marry someone from another religion. Then there will be no more segregation after another 60 years.

How many of you can do this? I can ..truthfully...

Angels Never Lie said...

nice one..i had da same idea in my mind...dre can n no. of social works dat can be done dre...but i thnk da verdict will go in da favor of muslims in da wake no essential evidences to support hindu's..let c..one more day to go

sm said...

good solution
but these politicians will not accept the solution.

Amrit said...


Thank you. Most people don't believe a solution can be reached so they are just waiting for the verdict.


I thought about Orphange or Shelter. That will work too as long as they don't start making conditions based on religion.


I liked it. Let Hindus and Muslims work together in an Old Age home to serve people. Energies channelized properly.


60 years as yet...who know how much longers. This problem has no solution. With regatd to marrying from another relgion, my proposal is NOT TO MAKE religion as a criteria for the spouse.


Yes. We need a lot of social work and community service in India rather than fights.


Of course politicians won't accept but that matter they won't accept any solution. Let the fight go on...politicians need to win next elections too.

Urmi said...

Absolutely brilliant idea. I appreciate for your wonderful solution and I hope that it gets accepted.

Anonymous said...

I think...Old age home is not a very good idea because you can't change people's perspective when they get old and with the age they become more and more rigid towards their religion, their ethnicity.
If we have to build something why not we start at the root level and build home for homeless and orphan kids regardless to their religion and teach them to follow the practice of humanity as their religion.
At this stage of human life one can easily adopt the lessons he/she been taught and we can expect to raise better human for future.

Anonymous @ Morrisville

Punam said...

A very very commendable solution!! Why can those at the top not think of things like these?? I am linking you to my blog in my next post. This has to be read by more readers.

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

Nopes this is not going to work, look at whats going on in the PGI chandigarh..

We indians will find any mode of corruption in any place, the hospitals are so bad poor are not being looked after.. in chandgarh recently two babies dies without ev en being looked at ...

I would suggest open a PUB there .... Let people drink and be merry
thats why they say

Aisee peeni piyo sajan ji loon loon tera nache
pee ke ladna te ladke marna eh gal mool na jache

jaa fer piyo Shaheeda waale Jaam watan de sache
jaa fer pi masat malanga waali jehdi umar paran na lathe

hindu kehenda mandir aa Mulla aakhe masjid aa
kehen isai raula pa sab to acha girija asthaan
jogi kehende kan padwa bhes wata te dhooni la
sadhu kehede bhagwe pa rukhi sukhi mangke kha

koi kehend waal wadha koi kehenda waal khata
jihne rab de khair khawa apni apani den salah
kuch kehend RAB IKO HAI
kisnu hai kisdi parwah apno pane laude daa

Sab dharaman de jhagde -na was tere Na was Mere
rab de peke sauhre khede tainu ki parwah
masti masti masti masti mana mehkhaniyaaaa

sajna teri eho dawa ehno pee te hor manga
masti mana mehkhanaya

ithe hindu v hai ithe bhai v hai
ithe Mulla v hai isai v hai

ithe zaat nahin - koi paat nahin
koi deen nahin - koi dharam nahin
koi parda nahin koi sharam nahin

dildar tere ghamkhar tere
mehkhar tere sab yaar tere
sab peer tere avtaar tere


MAsti mana mehkhanaya

What say ...
Masti mana mehkhaniya

Bikram's Blog

raji said...

@ very provocative thought.gud one;but we can guess what will be the verdict;may be another delay for another 5 years.:)

raji said...

@ A and " nri gal "iota is a nice word ..even i learnt a new word.thanks.

raji said...

@ bikram jith ..u have a nice poem there ..who is the author?kisne likha he yeh?etna bhi mat daanto ji..!

Anonymous said...

Nicely said..

Leaving the Politians and religious influences aside, we need to commend the country ( India) which is allowing the ideas to be heard.

Usha said...

Building Hospital is absolutely noble thought but can not be solution. I am not sure is there enough land to build hospital and even it gets built..terror minds will always plan to destroy it.

In favor of Mandir or Masjid - riots can not be avoided. All must stand alert tomorrow and in future.

I will say develop beautiful garden with lots of water fountains. I know this is just fairy tale wishing...reality will come forward tomorrow..keep praying...

Tanvi said...

Couldn't agree with you more. It's a fabulous solution. We do not need more places of worship, we do need more places for compassion and care though! Hospital/School is just the right thing to do!

Anonymous said...

Why can't we think of making a museum there like Holocaust Museum where we can show the evidence of destruction, how many lives been lost on the name of religion, what is the existence of the human on this earth, what happens after death....We should try to feed some good lessons to our next generation so they don't make mistake again what we have done.

Anonymous@ Morrisville

NRIGirl said...

Now, @A or @Bikram! Can one of you Please translate Bikram's poem?!

@A good solution indeed. Sorry, I was too excited about the new word I learnt (iota) that I actually forgot to comment on your post.

@Stranger! Your comments make me think... Seems like a better solution.

Bikram said...

My translationas much as i could

Aisee peeni piyo sajan ji loon loon tera nache
pee ke ladna te ladke marna eh gal mool na jache

(Drink Like as if your whole body and soul is rich
But after drinking fighting nad dieing over it is not good)
jaa fer piyo Shaheeda waale Jaam watan de sache (Drink the JAAM as the martyrs drank , for there country and truth)
jaa fer pi masat malanga waali jehdi umar paran na lathe (Or drink like the Malangs.. Saint whose nasha doesnot come down all life)

hindu kehenda mandir aa Mulla aakhe masjid aa (Hindu says come to a mandir, a Muslim says come to a masjid)
kehen isai raula pa sab to acha girija asthaan (Jew says come to his place)
jogi kehende kan padwa bhes wata te dhooni la (Jogi says pierce ur ears, and put on fire)
sadhu kehede bhagwe pa rukhi sukhi mangke kha (sadhu says put on orabge and beg for alms to eat )

koi kehend waal wadha koi kehenda waal khata (some say grow your hair, some say get it cut)
jihne rab de khair khawa apni apani den salah (as many people of GOD, that many ways)
kisnu hai kisdi parwah apno pane laude daa (WHo gives a damn about anyone)

Sab dharaman de jhagde -na was tere Na was Mere
rab de peke sauhre khede tainu ki parwah
masti masti masti masti mana mehkhaniyaaaa

sajna teri eho dawa ehno pee te hor manga
masti mana mehkhanaya
(As many religiosns that many problems, forget about it all, come to the bar
get intoxicated and be carefree whats it to you)

ithe hindu v hai ithe bhai v hai
ithe Mulla v hai isai v hai
(Here a hindu comes, a sikh comes, a Muslim comes and all)
ithe zaat nahin - koi paat nahin (There is no caste or creed)
koi deen nahin - koi dharam nahin (no religion)
koi parda nahin koi sharam nahin (no curtains, and no shame )

dildar tere ghamkhar tere (th people drinking with you are your sharers of grief)
mehkhar tere sab yaar tere
sab peer tere avtaar tere
(all are your mates)

(Every religion man comes here, and Becomes ONE)
MAsti mana mehkhanaya

What say ...
Masti mana mehkhaniya
(Be carefree)

Amrit said...


Thanks for the confidence of vote but it is very unlikely politicians will listen to such ideas. For them it is too simple and it will probably resolve the problem. Do they really want to solve it?

Anonymous of Morrisville,

I really like coming to this blog. We should catch up sometime. My home is on the border of Morrisville and Cary.
I agree Old Age Home would not solve the problem. But on the same time when people are really old and depend on others, they don’t care if the caregiver is Hindu or Muslim. But it is the best to start at root level to tune the mindset towards humanity – you said it very right.


Thanks for the compliment and linking this post to your blog. You made my day. People on the top can think like this but they chose to ignore it.


Oh my god. You are full of surprises. Very good poem and perfect for this post. Appreciate the translation too.


Thanks. I don’t know about the verdict but I wish they find a solution. Thanks for iota too.


Thanks for ‘nicely said’. Yes in India we have freedom of speech. I completely agree. But our politicians seem to follow Gandhi’s rule of ‘speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil’…and they believe whatever people say is evil…so ignore it.


Truthfully I am not sure space but I think it is around 60 acre of disputed area – in and around. Garden is a very good idea also.


Thanks. Well said, we need places for compassion and care.


Thanks. Bikramjit has provided the translation. But in short the poem means that preachers of different religions say there is only on GOD and yet they show completely different paths to reach him. Which one to believe and which one not..for example in Hinduism in childhood one has to shave the head but on the same time SIKHS shall never cut hair. His point is let us all get together, drink and have fun…and people from religions are same when they have fun.

chitra said...

If any one would accept such solution,it would be good for country. I have sent a silent prayer today that no untoward incidents must take place. Finally innocent lose their lives and the politicians just count their success by how much more rift they can create.

Devie said...

Great solution, I came up with it when I was 14 and possibly far more quixotic.
This topic has fueled many dinner time conversations for me. All my not-so-religiously inclined family and friends almost always come to the conclusion that it is in everyone's best interest that some sort of public service building be built there.
But try to think from an uber religious person's perspective for a while. The very people that have been fighting for their religious rights for years and years now. Building a hospital or a school or whatever building that seems so sound to us...isn't what they want for THEIR holy land. They believe it serves a purpose, maybe greater than that of saving human lives. What is "logical" to us isn't what is "logical" to them and vice versa.
It's time to stop being so ethnocentric. What bothers me more than the fanaticism of the parties involved in this issue, is the ignorant, and sometimes condescending attitude of non-religious people that pass platitudes so frequently and easily.
My rant isn't directed at you, but it is meant to offer a perspective on this issue that isn't hackneyed or driven by extreme self-righteousness.

Charu said...

interesting idea - a hospital or school for all would be the best solution - but sadly, don't see that happening in India...

Amrit said...


I am glad you brought up religious vs. non religious aspect. I am actually reasonably religious. I thought about religious aspects a bit though I did not care to put in the post but I knew someone might ask.

1.Per Hinduism, GOD is everywhere and in everything. God takes different forms and can be in humans too. Put an idol and start worshiping and the idol becomes GOD. That is the beauty of Hinduism. No mention anywhere that four Vedas say that this place is holy pilgrimage. So it does not have to be a place of Hindu pilgrimage either. Four Dhams (Badrinath, Puri, Dwarkha and Rameshwaram), Varanasi, Ganges river, Allahabad are more important than Aydoyha.

2.Per Islam also you can worship GOD anywhere. Take a building and put a copy of Quran and you have a mosque. It is documented that Babar, who invaded India in 1526, constructed this Mosque here and hence the name Babri comes from. This place is not related to Prophet Muhammad either and it is not a holy pilgrimage for Muslims either.

So from religious aspects, Muslims and Hindus have some reason to consider it a holy place but it is not like Mecca or Four Dhams. I could see fighting over it for 60 years in Independent India and many years prior to that if IT WAS MECCA OR FOUR DHAMS. It is not the holiest place for either religion. (On a side note, though Lord Rama is considered God but it is actually Vishnu who took the form of Rama. Even the concept of Dusera is completely different in Southern states.).

So in my opinion even from religious perspective also, it is not worth the killings and fights for years.

I picked up a hospital for a reason and ‘babies’ for a reason. Per Hinduism ‘Babies’ (and may be in Islam too) are forms of GOD and they are….pure, uncorrupted, clean in heart.

Is not hospital helping a religious cause too?

In all honesty, it is not an attempt to patronize religious people…what is happening does not make sense from religious perspective too.

Chita, Charu,

Thanks. I just hope our leaders will wake up and stop using religion as a tool to win elections and keep the problems alive forever.

BK Chowla, said...

It is a very good suggestion.
People in general might accept this.
Who would convince the politicians who have survival is dependent on divide and rule policy.We must accept that it is not the Hindu-Muslim problem.It is the problem of certain politician's who may not go down in the pages of history.

Punam said...


Since I don't know your name, I've just linked your about me section to your blog name. Hope it's okay.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Ah, one of those cases that never ends... Your idea is an interesting and good one, and for that reason I'm sure it won't happen. It seems to me that religion is responsible for a lot of the problems in the world.

NRIGirl said...

Wow! @Bikramjit! Thank you so much for the efforts in translating it for the rest of us - who don't know the national language, yet very much an Indian...

I should say it is an interesting poem with a light hearted look...

And @A looks like, you just opened another flood gates, it keeps pouring...

raji said...

@ nri gal ,hey its more of punjabi than our national language.the poem was in pakka punjabi.

RiĆ  said...

Well the verdict is out and i feel it is pretty balanced, lets see what happens.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

A, Hats off to your ideas. Completely agree with these.

Amrit said...

Dear All:-

The verdict is out and people are calm. Government managed to maintain peace. May be PM’s and Home Minister’s appeals helped. Or just improved security helped. But in any case no drama before CWG. We should be happy about it.

@BK Chowla: People will accept. We can see it today. Verdict is out but people are clam. It seems like business like usual for them. Of course lawyer will appeal as expect.

@Punam:- Thanks. It is always good for bloggers when they are appreciated.

@Emily:- Thank you. It is one of those religious issues. It is not as complicated as it seems. It is going on for decades.

@NRIGirl:-Bik translated Panjabi to English. We know you are very Indian. I think Indian culture is beyond language barriers.

@Raji:- Yes. It is Panjabi.

@Ria:- Yes. Verdict is out. I don’t think it matters what a common man thinks. But both parties are saying that will appeal. Let us see.

@Black Walnut Pearl:- Thank you for encouragement.

Devie said...

I think it's illogical to say some pilgrimage spots are more important than others. It depends on what school of Hinduism you belong to. The people fighting for this obviously believe Lord Rama to be God, so it's value according to their faith is different from yours. And thus I feel that your bias prevents you from thinking like them.
As far as the history is concerned, I feel since the Muslims have prayed there for so long regardless of whether the spot is holy for them or not it symbolizes something to them. They deserve to pray there too.

I am pretty satisfied with the verdict, but not the **** stirring that has followed it. Very proud to be Indian after witnessing the equanimity maintained by the aam janta.

I'd also like to add that your views on religion and society are very noble, and it's great to see people like you out there.

Amrit said...


I see your point on equality of spots. But to reach an agreement we have to start somewhere.

Yes, I am actually very happy with the way a common person has reacted to the verdict. 26 Nov terror attack did not create any riots either.

What does it tell? A common man is not interested in riots...they are organized b....

Thank you the compliment. I mean it.

Devie said...

You hit the nail right on the head by saying that we need to start somewhere.
I am praying that this verdict is that "somewhere."

I truly feel India has matured (yes, even after witnessing this Commonwealth Games travesty) and I am glad that we're in a place where these issues can be handled in a public forum without bloodshed.

You're welcome, I sincerely meant what I said.

I haven't gotten a chance to read each of your posts, but I would love you see you do a post on what it means to be a secular Hindu. For a lot of people in my generation (I'm in my early twenties) it seems to be almost a dichotomy with them often shedding one stance for another. I'd love to see what you and your readers think.

Thank you.

Classygal said...

really gud one..
Keepp it up....
Classy gal