Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wondeful World Of Disney

Despite long lines, expensive tickets and food, I have begun to like Disney World. The magical environment keeps you motivated to stay in the parks and learn about the Science and Technology. The use of the technology in creating the parks is amazing. While providing opportunities to learn more about the future technologies, earth, space, energy, and the culture of various countries in a simple and friendly way; Disney also provides a lot for people who like rides and plays. The parades and lights at nights are picturesque. The future appears bright and we come out optimistic and hopeful about our lives.

Here are some pictures of Epcot. See more pictures here

(Disney did not pay me to write this blog)

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Anonymous said...

A , Beautiful pictures...after clicking first picture effect is amazing..yellow fish looked so crystal clear and beautiful!!

post more pictures of Aquarium. :)


Anonymous said...

pls post more travelogues in it will be useful tous

Amrit said...


Sure. I will post more travelogues on NC. Give me some time as I am traveling.