Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cary Diwali 2011 and Cary Diwali 2017

Indian community celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights, with fanfare and zeal in different parts of the USA too.  Every year Indian community of Raleigh/Cary area organizes Diwali festivities in an open air theater in Cary. A large number of local children and some adults participate in mostly Bollywood songs based ‘cultural’ programs and a majority of Indians attend this daylong event. While mingling with friends, Indian food and shopping take the center stage, the main stage hosting the performances remains in background for most of the day.

The focus shifts to the main stage when a renowned Indian celebrity begins the performance in the evening.

Six years back in Oct 2011, the star performers were not from India though they mastered various forms of Indian dances including Bollywood. MAYURI, a dance group from Russia, performed several forms of traditional and Bollywood style Indian dances. Well versed with the history of Hindi movies, the group selected very popular songs of different eras to entertain all age groups. I think they were far better than a large number of Indian performers who come to perform in this area. Perhaps that was the best cultural event I attended in this area so far.

On popular demand, the organizers of Cary Diwali, Humsub, brings back Mayuri this year (2017). I think it will be a fabulous show.  I hope to see you all of you there.

Some pictures of MAYURI groups performing in Oct 2011 (The quality of pictures may not be good as I had a low resolution camera then)

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