Thursday, January 3, 2013

Delhi Rape Case: My view

31 Dec 2012. New Year Eve!!  While most of us partied and celebrated to welcome 2013, on the streets of New Delhi a large number of people protested (see link) against December 16 rape of a 23 years old girl. December 16 marked a black day in the history of modern India. The girl is raped multiple times by six powerful males and thrown out of a moving bus.

I feel ashamed to call myself an Indian.

Women organizations and protestors are asking for tougher laws in India. Public is asking a speedy trial and death penalty for culprits. Indian Bar association has barred lawyers to represent the alleged rapists and murderers. Public, print media, social media and internet are urging government to act now and make India safe for WOMEN.

But this was not the first time a woman is a raped. Per Wikipedia, in 2010 around 22000 rapes occurred in India. The State of World Population Report says that in India

·       Rape is committed every 54 minutes

·       Molestation every 26 minutes

·       Kidnapping or abduction every 43 minutes

·       Eve-teasing every 51 minutes

·       Dowry death every 1 hour 42 minutes

·       Criminal offense against women every 7 minutes


This problem is not new and is not limited to India, cities or common men. At times even military is blamed for committing this crime. In October 2012, press reported a demonstration against US troops in a sexual assault case in Japan. Okinawa Military Rape Arrests: Japan Decries U.S. Troops In Sexual Assault Allegations provides details of this case. Rollback 10 years, on October 10, 1992 an army unit raped nine women that included an eleven year old and a 60 year old woman. An excerpt from Human Right report


“On the night of October 10, 1992, an army unit of the 22nd Grenadiers22 entered the village of Chak Saidapora, about four kilometers south of the town of Shopian, district Pulwama, on a search operation for suspected militants. During the operation, at least six and probably nine women, including an eleven-year-old girl and a 60-year-old woman, were gang-raped by several of the army soldiers.”


The big question is why. Is our society sexually deprived? Really? I don’t think so.


It is the power. It is the abuse of power. It is to control the other human beings. It is about suppressing and oppressing the people. In Delhi Rape case, it was the physical power of six men. In some cases it is the political or financial power. Not too long ago, Manu Sharma, son of a powerful politician killed Jessica Lall, a barmaid on 30 April 1999 in front of dozens of people. But his powerful father got him out on bail and initially he was acquitted in 2006 after 7 years of lengthy trial. Public outcry and demonstrations for several days forced government to reopen the case and finally he was put behind bars.


Indian society is plagued. A wealthy mistreats poor using power of money. Officers in administration use their authority to gain bribe. Road authority clerk uses his/her power to get some bucks for issuing driving licenses. Military uses its power to rape women considering it a legitimate consequence of war. Police in India use its power to extract money from people instead of protecting them.


Demonstration for tougher law against rapist would help. But we should demand tougher laws to balance accountability and power. We need tougher laws to stop the abuse of power.  We need tougher laws to clean up the society where law and justice are equal for every one regardless of class, gender, financial and political status. We need laws to ensure criminals don’t get in the government. 162 MPs out of 552 are facing criminal charges and yet running the country. Since 2005 a petition was filed to remove MPs with criminal charges but of course it does not have any support. (See link)


On an individual level, people need to understand the difference between use and abuse of the power. A layman can take specific steps to stop the abuse of power by

·       Casting vote to responsible candidates who are unlikely to misuse power

·       Use merit and not illegitimate means.  Stop asking for favors from friends and family for which they have to exploit authority.

·       If in a position of authority, let ethics and values prevail.  

·       Respect all humans regardless of religion, class and gender.


What do you think?


PS: - Sorry it is relatively long article. Thanks for reading and I always welcome your comments.


Usha said...

Amrit, Good to see you returning back to writing.

statistics are very disturbing.Govt and society both need to work hard in bringing the reform.

Every bad action should result in serious consequences.I agree that respect all humans around you, be kind, fearlessly react to wrong happenings and never support wrong.

Human mental health is also responsible for committing such crimes.How to track and solve these issues is difficult task.

Destination Infinity said...

Rapes are not committed by people who are deprived of sex. It is committed by people who are already addicted to sex and are not able to come out of its deathly hold and repeated cravings, which only increases with each act. It's similar to alcohol-addicts being ready to do anything to get their hands on a bottle of alcohol, when they don't have money.

In addition to stricter punishments, awareness of the addictive property of sex should be widely propagated in the society (be it east or west). That'll help people slowly come back to their senses.

Destination Infinity

strange.friendships said...
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BK Chowla, said...

Good to see you back with a hard hitting post.
No amount of laws can be detterants.
They need to be serious in implementation of laws,which is lacking

Mishilicious Mishi said...

I have been following this on Twitter, i cannot tell you how I was unable to sleep the first two nights after i read those horrible horrible details, this has become every girl's nightmare, rape is not sex, its sheer violence, its inhuman, how can you do this to somebody when you can go and buy sex instead and then that too in the name of "provocation"! ...I just hope this society gets better and we some more human.

strange.friendships said...

You have started a very passionate topic...Hats off to you for starting the discussion. Many days I was thinking of writing on it but your post really made me....The response to you became like an essay so I posted it as a blog....

A - I corrected the mistake. I got you confused with Bik and I was not well while I read your blog and made a reply post...Hope you dont mind the mistaken identity... said...

It's very sad all said n done but this is death to humanity and shame to our country !!

Kalpana said...

HI A - I noticed that you haven't been writing much but that this incident has inspired you. You make some excellent points.

chitra said...

Not only tougher laws, enforcement is more important..

Insignia said...

I liked your presenting this post objectively and not being emotional like many others. I wanted to write many times but I couldnt.

The change should come from within, within each one of us

Sandhya said...

Social taboo should be there for rapists. Now, the rapists, mostly some sort of leaders, walk on the streets with their head held high. Everybody thinks that it is common. It happens everywhere. When one gets hurt inside the family, then it affects people.

Yes, capital punishment is not enough. Castration...some people don't agree but that is good, I feel. Or solitary confinement in jail for life, for them to repent everyday.

But how far these punishments will be implemented seriously, I don't know.

Good to see you back, Amrit with a strong post.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Only me Petty Witter but with a different name. I don't know how or why but my blog has changed to google+, my blog profile has disappeared and I'm unable to sign in as Petty Witter which is causing some confusion. Anyone else having similar issues?

Anyway, on to the much more important issue of your post.

Interesting to read your thoughts on this tragic event. I'm surprised that so much was made of it being a sexual crime here in the UK whereas as you indicate it is as much (if not more so) a crime of power.

Renu said...

Nice to see you back..

we need many things like better law and order and

Zero tolerance policy towards crime against women.

sm said...

we need good laws not useless laws.
if we get 1000 laws and if they are useless that means we do not have any law.

Unknown said...

wonderful article Bhaiya. FIrst of all people elect government,as they say, of the people, for the people and by the people. But, look at the irony of the matter that there is so much disparity. People don't get justice, the politicians get everything.

If it was a political family, the world would have been turned upside down, to get "so called" JUSTICE.

some things have to change now.... for sure..

Unknown said...

BBC news(Delhi gang rape: Four sentenced to death) :

Unknown said...

Delhi gang-rape: We are happy,finally at peace,says girl's mother: