Sunday, August 14, 2011

India on 65th Anniversary of Independence

15th August 2011 marks India’s 65th anniversary of Independence from British after a long struggle and a bloody partition. Where is India today after 64 years of Independence?



Yet to achieve / failure


India is 5th largest economy in the world after EU, USA, China and Japan

Though India is rich, Indian people are poor. GDP per capita remains low and stands at 163rd in the World. According to a study, 25% Indians still live in poverty.


According to 2011 census, literacy rates stands at 74%. In 1947 it was around 12%.

Average literacy rate of the world is 84%. India still has most illiterate people in the world.


Per 2011 census, India’s population is 1.21 Billion. The rate of population increase has decreased.

India is likely to bypass China in 2025 and expected to have population of 1.6 Billion in 2050. Are population control program really working? In addition male to female ratio is high and there is always a question if that is due to abortion of female fetus.


Democracy and strong media are supposed to keep corruption in control.

Corruption remains very high. India is ranked 84th in corruption index measurement. (Rank 1 means least corruption)


While several new and old countries went through or are still dictatorship, military rule or anarchy, India continues the present a good example of successful democracy.

21 month period of emergency rule imposed by then prime minister Indira Gandhi will remain a block spot in Indian history.

Secularism and religion

India is truly a secular nation. At one time three key powerful positions were held by minorities – a Sikh PM, a Muslim President and a White female ruling party’s president. People are free to practice and choose any religion.

While religion is used as a card in election by all parties, a layman always worries about Hindu Muslim communal riots. Babri Mosque episode still haunts both communities. Massive massacre of Sikhs in Northern part of India in the first week of November 1984 hints the superficiality of secularism.

Foreign Relation

Being a major economic power and a successful democracy, India enjoys good relations with the USA, Russia, Japan, the UK and most other developed countries.

No viable solution of Kashmir problem is in sight. Kashmir remains an obstacle to build good relationship with Pakistan.

Contradictions in the achievements are clear. But India has been and probably will remain a country of extreme contradictions for several years to come. A relatively new country with one of the oldest civilization and glory of rich history, India always mesmerized rest of the world. With over hundred languages, a foreign language English is and will remain the common language among Indians of various regions. A wealthy may spend more money on a single meal than monthly salary of the person preparing the meal. Coexistence of luxury houses and slums constantly points to an incredibly high inequality between rich and poor. Culture, tradition, clothing, language and values vary dramatically based on religion, urbanization, education level and economic status. Towering disparity gives the impression that every Indian has its own India.

But that is the beauty of India and makes it a unique country in the world. Just being an Indian gives a sense of unity regardless of differences. Accepting the dissimilarities is inherited in Indians. Unity in diversity holds absolutely true and makes India the most vibrant place in the world.

Often one hears ‘You can take an Indian out of India but cannot take India out of Indian’. Is not that statement correct in spite of of issues, problems and challenges?

Happy Independence Day to all readers and a peek of India through Gateway of India


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Asma Khan said...

Happy Independence day... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

Alka Gurha said...

Lack of governance and leadership...
very apt post.

Kunal said...

We have come a long way...
We still have to go a long way..

Here is to a better future :)

Happy independence Day


shuchita said...

Happy Independence Day
I believe in India but it will take a long long time for things to get better ie at par with developed nations.
on the other hand look how far we we have come despite the failures

Sandhya said...

We need good leadership urgently, then, the drawbacks will not be this much. Yes, we have achieved a lot too, despite the drawbacks.

Thanks for the details, A!

Happy Independence day to you too!

Tanishka said...

I liked the way you presented the entire scenario...
Happy Independence day... :)

Kavita Saharia said...

Very balanced post .All we need is an honest and strong leadership .Happy Independence Day to you too Amrit .

Rama Ananth said...

I totally agree with Suchita. We Indians who are seeing things as they are now, know all this present chaos is only leading us to order. We truly believe in the theory of Friedrich Nietzsche, "Out of chaos comes order. ...
Soon, very soon it is happening.
Happy Independence Day!

Irfanuddin said...

Agree, being an Indian always gives us a sense of Unity.... Nice Post....:)

Happy Independence Day...!!!

Rachna said...

Happy Independence Day! I completely agree you can take an Indian out of India but not out of an Indian. I am proud of our diversity and rich culture, and I will work towards and fight what is wrong.

raji said...

very nice post A .nice points about our country which even though known is not known in terms of statistics.good research .

Geeta said...

Happy Independence day.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.. With all these great facts about India, why we are still here..


BK Chowla, said...

Happy independence day.
Yes, we have progressed but not because of the govt. It is DESPITE this govt

Destination Infinity said...

I think every country has its own plus and minus points - No country is perfect, including India. I guess what you do where ever you are matters more than where you are...

Destination Infinity

Urmi said...

Wish you a very Happy Independence Day. Very nicely written. Wonderful post.

baili said...

what else can be the best writing then this post on birthday of your home land ,really felt regretted,that i did not do the same on 14 of august,

i think after consumption, population is the main problem in our countries,
thanks for great sharing
god bless irfan.

Renu said...

Happy Independence day !!!

Tanvi said...

One step at a time ... and one day we will get there! :)

Happy Independence Day!

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Felicity Grace Terry said...

Fascinating, truly a country of contradictions but then isn't every country to one extent or another. Happy Independence Day.

NRIGirl said...

Nice comparison you have given @A! Nice picture too - a flag on top would have been perfect, not sure why they don't do it.

Happy Independence Day to you too!

Usha said...

A, Wonderful post giving details about India's achievements. Nice to read this on 65th Independence anniversary day.

India is very blessed and prosperous country in various aspects but blessings are not served equally among Indians due to mis-managed Govt. and evil minded people. I wish for more power and opportunities to masses.

Beautiful picture of Gateway of India.

Happy Independence Day!!

aarkay said...

I would like to congratulate you for this well researched post and for putting everything in the right perspective. Still we have miles to go in every field to achieve the desired goals !

kiran sawhney said...

Did you prepare this table?
It is very well tabulated facts and figures.
I can see there are some reference links that you have given. Yet the information that you have provided is so crisp and clear.
Kudos to you for writing such a brilliant post about Our India.

sm said...

excellent informative post.
About antimatter i write a post but please give me time.

78% Indian citizens earn daily less than half a USA dollar and remaining people earn in millions and billions as per govt report. said...

Good information ...thanks,,
happy independence day!
God Bless the Nation!

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Factful post. What we need to work on is how to go further down the lane. Happy independence day to you Amrit.

Bikram said...

Happy independance day ...

Anonymous said...

Dear A, Facts and Figures on wikipedia have no authentication. Even if you read reports from various govt. agencies you will find that there also numbers and figures have been altered. There was an article related to that in newspaper recently.

Nice post

R. Ramesh said...

beautiful post buddy....took a print jus now to read it properly..btw..i wrote abt Anna in my blog also yar...happy u r doing good things in life..

Anonymous said...

So true and well put.-Swetha Amit (Whirlwindthoughts)

Insignia said...

Excellent write up Amrit. Concise, crisp comparison.

Just back from vacation to a neighboring country. Seeing the state of the country; I feel India is much better.

Anonymous said...

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The Illusion Of Freedom said...

This is the 65th Independence day India Celebrates.In this 65 Years India have achieved a lot of things also develops well.