Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthdays Coincident

Reading a post on ‘Coincidences’ from my relatively new but very talented blogging friend Sunil Deepak left some traces of thoughts on probability of occurrence of various events. Thinking about surprises, I found out an interesting sequence:

  1. My very first blogging friend Queen’s (NRI Girl) birthday falls on 10th August.
  2. My second blogging friend Bindu’s (Insignia) birthday is 17th August (exactly a week apart).
  3. Kiran’s birthday is on 24th August. Kiran is also one of my first blogging friend.

Birthday of three close blogging friends in August and each one of them a week apart from the other is a great coincident but intuition of another one in August made me ask Kavita her birthday. Answer came negative. Her birthday is in November and my left side of brain pinched me to think logically and ignore instincts.

Surprise! Surprise! Intuition was right.

Anjuli (again one of my first blogging friend) wrote a post on 17th announcing her birthday.

Join me in wishing a very Happy Birthday to Queen, Insignia, Kiran and Anjuli. We wish you all a very happy, fruitful, healthy and meaningful life. And thank you Sunil for making me think about coincidences.

Let us also wish Alka as she mentioned her birthday was on August 20. Happy Birthday Alka. I wish you continue to write humorous posts as always.


NRIGirl said...

That is very interesting A! Thank you for your wishes.

Many happy returns to Bindu, Kiran & Anjuli!!

I will find Sunil's post and read it.

chitra said...

Happy Birthday wishes to all wonderful personalities. Thanks for sharing this A.

Insignia said...

Haa that IS A coincidence alright!

Thanks a lot Amrit for your wishes and dedicating this page to all other lovely bloggers.

Belated wishes to Queen and Anjuli and advance wishes to Kiran.

Destination Infinity said...

So, when is your birthday? In Aug?

Destination Infinity

Kavita Saharia said...

Birthday wishes to Queen ,Insignia,Anjuli and Kiran .Thanks to you Amrit for this sweet post .A very nice gesture of yours :)

shuchita said...

Happy Birthday to everybody

kiran sawhney said...

Aww!! Thank you so much.
Yours has come as my first Birthday wish. Thanks a lot.
Happy Birthday to NRI girl, Bindu and Anjuli too. Also to your MIL.

Rama Ananth said...

Birthday wishes to all!

Alka Gurha said...

Add me too... I had my bday on the 20th Aug.

Sandhya said...

Happy birthday to NRI girl, Insignia, Kiran, Anjuli and Alka...Many many happy returns of the day!

You are a great personality, Amrit, dedicating a post for wishing your friends on their birthdays! Nice!

Amrit said...

@NRI Girl,

You are welcome.




You are welcome. It is amazing to find this connection.


My birthday is in October. Good try. Thanks


You are welcome.




You are welcome. Jump start your birthday week. And thanks. I will convey.




Added you in the post. Thanks.


Thank you so much Sandhya.

sm said...

Happy birthday wishes to all

Tanishka said...

Happy birthday to all your blog buddies.... :)

Tanvi said...

Happy Birthday to all of them! :)

♡ from ©

R. Ramesh said...

wow what meaningful coincidences....:)

Geeta said...

Happy birthday to all your blogging buddies who share an August birthday.

Irfanuddin said...

Happy birthday to all those mentioned here....:)

BK Chowla, said...

My best wishes to all of them, especially to Bindu, amongst my best friends

Urmi said...

Thanks a lot for all your lovely comment.
Very interesting post. My Birthday wishes to all your blog friends.

Sunil Deepak said...

Thanks A the honour. I don't think that I ever had a blogpost by a blogger friend mentioning me right in the first line!

These birthday coincidences are indeed strange - almost make me believe in horoscopes and astrology! :)

And happy birthday to all the Leo and Libra blogger friends of A. Wishing you all lot of pleasant coincidences in the year to come ..

Rachna said...

Happy birthday to all mentioned. I think their special day just became brighter :). A great gesture!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Queen, Insignia, Kiran and Anjuli. I have a feeling that more than half of the world's population is born during the months July- August. I have 6 in my own family. 8 cousins and 10 friends in these months. :D

I hope you still remember me! :)

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Wishes for your birthdayssss - Kiran, Anjuli, Queen,Insignia.. A - loved your gesture and yes thanks to introducing Sunil. He is such a versatile writer.

Kunal said...

Coincidences truly exist :)
Congratulations All.


Renu said...

MY best wishes to all of them!!

Amrit said...


You are very welcome :)))It is my pleasure to mention you.


Of course I remember you. May be because of India's independence day in August, a lot of babies were (are) born in August :))))


I will post more replies in the evening - after work. :))

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Happy birthday to all those August birthdays.

Insignia said...


Its overwhelming to see these many birthday wishes. I dont remember getting these many wishes anytime ever. Thank you all very much. Thank you once again Amrit :)

Sh@s said...

Thats a Happy coincidence. Happy B'day to all :)

Suruchi said... many birthdays...and what a coincidence-i like guys who remember birthdays;-)

happy birthday to them all:-)

Misterio Vida said...

happy birthday to everybody... life is full of strange coincidences... never cease to surprise us :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to all of them!! You do have a nice way of making your blogger friends feel special. :)

kiran sawhney said...

A heartfelt thank you to each one of you. Specially to A for making it so special.
It is my Birthday today, hence, I taking little liberty today and not thanking each one of you separately ad individually. But I have read every wish and do feel so blessed. Thanks a lot every one.

Zeba said...

Aw. Such a sweet post. MY wishes as well.

ZEAL said...

Great coincidences indeed. Birthday wishes to the lovely girls mentioned in the post. Mind writing about July born people also? By the way I'm 11th July born.......Smiles....

Rajlakshmi said...

happy birthday to all of them :)

Anjuli said...

Happy Birthday to ALL August born! My dad is born August 21st! :)

I hope you are going to be okay with this Hurricane Irene coming! Please take care of yourself.