Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friends: A Role Model: I can make home anywhere

For my ‘Friends: A Role Model’ series feature, I asked a person that I always respected, “Do you want to be featured?”

Her reply, “You have already raised the bar too high with the first post. I am surprised and flattened. What details to you need?”

Expecting a similar answer, I asked her to confirm education, profession, hometown and struggle.

She replied with her background, “I am a Dentist and run my own clinic. I had a fun childhood and was a good student. No struggle at all. There is nothing special about me. That is the reason I am still surprised.” Her modesty did not surprise me. I always viewed her as a very humble person.

Though I knew the answer, I still asked “Did you have to learn the local language and culture? How hard it was?”

She replied, “Now I am very fluent in local language. Most often people don't believe that I am not an Assamese. Learning the language took few months and I made an effort to learn the culture and tradition that I continue to learn. Family and friends say that I am a North Easterner by heart.”

If you are still wondering what makes Kavita Saharia a special person that rises above the standards, here are my reasons:

  • It is an achievement by itself to become a dentist in India considering the cut-throat competition.
  • Every Doctor and engineer I know, either wants to immigrate to the western world or settle in a big city. How many professionals believe in a small town of India?
  • If some do believe, how many of them settle in a part of India that is considered totally remote?
  • How many of those are willing to learn a new language and a new culture?
  • How many of those have confidence & faith in themselves to be successful and earn a good living in a small town?
  • How many of them are successful?
  • Kavita is the only one I know.

For the overall growth of the country, it is important that medical and engineering professionals willingly settle and make living in small towns and small cities instead of metros. To promote growth, some governments provide tax credit to encourage industry in under developed areas. Nevertheless how much a government can do?

At the end, it is people like Kavita who make all the difference. Congratulations Kavita on all your achievements and I am sure you will continue to inspire younger generation.

Let us meet Kavita and her friends.


kiran sawhney said...

Sounds wonderful. I saw her blog quickly. She is from Guwahati.
Keep writing such posts. This way your readers are introduced to such dynamic personalities.

R. Ramesh said...
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R. Ramesh said...

Dr K..she's a wonderful person...yes, she deserves all the kudos... said...

she is a lovely person ...I always praise her humbleness and down to earth attitude!
that shows her real identity!
thanks for sharing!

Tanvi said...

I have been following her blog only for a month. Didn't know so much about her. She sounds like a wonderful person.

♡ from ©

NRIGirl said...

Thank you for introducing yet another great blogger @A. I just visited her briefly, will be back to check out more.

Mangala said...

Interesting...she has a nice blog tooo...thanks for introducing her to us!

Geeta said...

On a similar note, CNN Narayanan Krishnan was in town this weekend and I went to hear him talk. I have immense respect for people who make a difference in the society and do things I don't.

Thanks for introducing Kavita to us. This is an interesting series and I sure missed the first one. Hopping on to check the first blogger you featured.

Insignia said...

Wow! a beautiful tribute Amrit. You are doing a great job!

Thanks for introducing Kavita. I have visited her blog on and off; the first thing that interested me when I read her 'about me' was the place - Assam. Its not easy to relocate to that part of the country which most of us cease to remember. Kudos to her

BK Chowla, said...

I have been following her blog for sometime now.
Kavita has had an exceptional achievment, but what I also appreciate his new concept of writing about bloggers

Anjuli said...

Kavita sounds like an exceptional woman! I could tell how humble she was by her response to you...Cheers to her and her accomplishments!! I hope more people will be willing to follow in her footsteps!!!

Rachna said...

I like this series of yours and especially the thought that every person is special. What we often do is look for our "preconceived" notions of success and measure people by that yardstick. Good to hear about Kavita. I know of another dentist blogger from Assam called Nitu. For a second, I thought that you were writing about her :).

baili said...

i think being a woman surviving and becoming what she want is itself an achievement ,
she and people like her who add a useful part to society are truly inspiration for others,

i will definitely visit her soon A,
thanks for nice sharing
god bless

chitra said...

A nice tribute to a humble person. thanks to you for introducing kavita to us.

Kavita Saharia said...

Amrit ,
i am honored by this kind gesture of yours.It means a lot to me as i truly value your opinion.Thanks a lot from the bottom of my humble heart.

Bikram said...

:) I know I know her :) One of the first people who started visitng me on my blog.

Got to know a lot more about her now through the post .. Thanks for that.

Hello Kavita .. remember me :) I also remember on my 100th post a big comment written by her ..


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Hey A, this was a nice introduction to Kavita. I really like her blog! Am a follower right away. She is so humble in her writing too... Hello kavita!

Rama Ananth said...

This is a really nice way to introduce your friends to all of us. In fact I have visited her blogs long time back, because she is from a place I have lived I was interested in learning more about her.
Hi Kavita,
nice meeting you through Amrit here in his blog.

sm said...

its great work she is doing
very few want to go to villages or remote areas.

Destination Infinity said...

About the metro and small town thing, I think a town is better to live than a metro. I have lived in both and find the former, more interesting. Metros do have their minus points.

Forget learning the native language, people are struggling to learn even English in many places in India! So, that is surely an achievement.

Destination Infinity

Felicity Grace Terry said...

I am a regular over at kavita's blog and am so pleased that you featured her as she is a remarkable person.

Tanishka said...

I' am loving simply loving this series of yours... Nice to know about a selfless soul like Kavita.... All the best to her for a great career.... :)

Sh@s said...

Interesting. Thanks! for introducing us to such wonderful people and it is a sweet gesture of expressing your admiration for them :)

Bhargavi said...

Looks like i missed the first installment.People like Kavita deserve many more posts for being so selfless..

Amrit said...

Dear All,

Thank you very much for the comments and I appreciate your compliments. When I started I was not sure but based on the feedback, it seems like I shall continue. This series is slightly difficult as I have to know the person well to ensure reasonable accuracy but I will sure post some more.

Please keep in mind, my post is not about blogging capabilities. If you notice, I do not mention or consider blogging skills at all in this series. Though I like and respect all my readers and fellow bloggers, my original intend (and that is still the intent) is to post about non bloggers and blogger I like and respect and have enough information to write an accurate post

raji said...

nice series "A" soory for being late !It was nice to know kavita.

Anonymous said...

i thank all of you for your kind comments .I am honored and deeply touched.And i would like to thank Amrit once again for his kind gesture as i met many new blogger friends through this post.My regards and best wishes to all of you.