Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Simple Review of iPad

A friend asked me to share my experience with a newly purchased iPad. Resting on a table, an iPad appears to be a traditional black diary or an agenda. But with just a switch on the right hand corner, it turns into an organizer, address book, newsroom, weather channel, calendar, small television, radio, book shelf, music player, photos viewer and an interface to the world. While iPad provides functions that an iTouch provides and a variety of other applications, here is my personal experience:

1. Accessing my favorite sites and blogs in bed using Fedledder Reader is convenient and easier than a laptop. Zooming in and out of pictures, text and important parts of a site helps aging eyes. Though brightness of screen adjusts automatically, manually changing is easy. News, weather, Podcasts, technical articles and blogs are literally on finger tips and on the right sized screen.

2. While I have used Kindle in past, iPad provides a better user interface for reading books. Navigating within a book is intuitive and effortless. iBook provides capability to change font size, font type, screen type (Sepia or Regular), brightness. Dictionary access, text highlighting and Notes functions are built in. Feeling of a book even in portrait mode is pleasant.

3. Accessing media (Photos and Music) from a Window 2007 Media Server Desktop computer using AirPlayer is trouble-free. With Media Server PC in study room, viewing our photos from anywhere in the house on iPad screen is nice. Making music Playlist on Window 2007 Media Player and accessing anywhere in the house using iPad is convenient for entertaining or for personal music pleasure.

4. With Contacts, Emails and Calendar synchronized flawlessly with Google, no need to turn on a computer to check schedule, an address or send a short email.

5. Transferring and reading Word, Power point and PDF documents on iPad are easy with an application called GoodReader. 

The friend who asked me to share my personal experience compared a rock with an iPad. I have added some additional points to his first four points.
On a personal note, my daughter insisted me to buy this iPad for myself on my wedding anniversary. Within a span of seven days, she has changed the owner from Dad to Family to herself. I will let readers guess the reason and her favorite application.


NRIGirl said...

Thank you @A! The first time I had seen an ipad in the hands of a patient waiting in the doctor's office, I blurted out, "What is this?" I know it sounds stupid but I just couldn't let that minute pass by. I had to know. I wanted one right away.

However when I got back home and read some reviews on it, I wasn't too sure if I really wanted one. First thing being, it needed a monthly service fee to access wi-fi. Second put off was that you really can't multi task in it.

What are your thoughts on it? Please share. Loved your comparison between the stone tablet and the current tablet.

Smart daughter I say! If I really want one that's what I am going to do: Get one for Israel! His birthday is coming up shortly.

Amrit said...


1. WiFi is free at home. You install a 50$ WiFi Access point with your modem and you have wireless access on your laptops, Wii, iPAD and other devices. If you are traveling at some places you have to pay for WiFi. Some airports offer it free.

2. 3G access is not free. But you only need 3G if you are traveling on car and don't have WiFi. There is NO CONTRACT for 3G. You can buy iPAD with 3G enabled but DO NOT HAVE TO buy 3G access. You can get monthly access when you need it.

3. For me if I can read book or browse net while listening to music, it is MULTITASKING and it works.

Your husband would love it and so as your children.

NRIGirl said...

Got it @A! Appreciate your response.

Now I am seriousely thinking of getting one for 'him' :) Will check with you before I actually click "Buy Now" - just to make sure I have chosen the right one...

I might as well stop by at the Apple store nearby. Any recommendations?! Please email me. Thank you!

Rama Ananth said...

Interesting information. Everything becomes easy to use if one is mentally geared to it, otherwise it looks like a waste. My son-in- law is gadget freak, he has everything the latest and also knows how to make use of them.
Well enjoy your latest present to your self, which has become more free for all I suppose by now.

chitra said...

Good to know info.about I pad. My son uses a Kindle but haven't seen I pad till now so was informative. I heard it is very expensive too.

Amrit said...


I agree with you. I am also kind of Gadget person if not freak. I am sure you son in law love this device too. My guess is he already bought it.


Kindle is just for reading books. With iPad reading book is just one function. In the USA, Kindle starts around 139$ and iPad starts at 499$. But iPad has many more functions. As a matter of fact for some people iPad is replacement of a laptop.

Renu said...

I am not a gadzet person, and now specially i want to buy as little as possible:)..But my husband and children all love this Ipad:)

Mangala said...

Good piece of information! Thanks :)

Insignia said...


I am a gadget freak. I own most gizmos(except for gaming consoles. I dont like to play video games)

But somehow the iPad thing hasnt hit me yet. Maybe due to lack of multitasking and standard ports. But yes, its a mean machine. Thanks for the review. I will still not buy :-P

Anonymous said...

I have debated the issue of buying an iPad for so long now. I love the idea of getting one because, as you mentioned, everything I need from a laptop is there. But I still think its too expensive to buy now. Especially since I bought a new laptop just a few months ago. Even Gadget Freaks need to budget a bit. :D

Enjoy it! I will contact you when I finally decide to buy one! :)

RiĆ  said...

Ha ha!! Ur daughter is smart for sure. :P I may buy it sometime soon.

Tanishka said...

It was nice to know about ipad in detail... :)

So the ipad is soon going to be with daughter... Good going gal.... I too used to take my dad's gadgets the same way... :)

BK Chowla, said...

Your daughter bought you this piece.
What a coincidence, my son is buying me one in March as the new model comes out.

Bikram said...

i dont find it exciting :(


R. Ramesh said...

hahaaha i liked the last para..luv these kids..they make u buy and then grab it to yr fmly buddy

R. Ramesh said...

hahaaha i liked the last para..luv these kids..they make u buy and then grab it to yr fmly buddy

dr.antony said...

Interesting,not only from the tech aspects.But how kids can get things done.
Have lovelier days ahead,if you happen to get your hands on to the i pad.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Off topic I know but I didn't want to reply via e-mail given the problems I have with rogue e-mails. In reply to your question re fruit and attractiveness:- slighty different to the actual paper version, you can find the article at

Hope this helps. Best wishes, PW.

Anonymous said...

I have iTouch and I love it... I sooo wanted iPad... why? Not Only coz I think it looks cool to hold one! But I can't cary around my huge laptop everywhere with me and I wanted something portable.. I need to work offsite a lot and I needed something with RDP access... which wasn't great on iPad... so, I went and bought myself a netbook instead... portable, awesome battery power (I can watch 3 movies without having to recharge it), RDP works perfectly!

But, till date I still want one even though, I know I won't be using it a lot... I think it's the Apple marketing... it makes people buy their stupid products even though they aren't that great on usability but it's the HYPE you can't resist!!

and NO, I don't have iPhone either ;=)

sm said...

good review and like the way you compared it with rock.
love the gadgets but can not afford.

Amrit said...


For a long time, I did not buy any gadget But then suddenly I bought two. Because I work in technology, I kind of like gadgets.




It is okay. Not every Gadget is made for you.


Yes. A laptop costs around the same price and provides more function. iPad is just lighter and easy to carry around.


Thanks. I am sure you will buy it soon.


Thanks. Yes she knows how to use it better than I know.

@BK Chowla,

I think newer version has camera. I did not really want a camera. Actually I have permanently disabled camera on laptop.
I am sure you will like it.


That is okays.


Yes. Kids are smart these days. :))

@Dr Antony,

Thanks. So far I don't get to use it.



@Blogger Girl,

iPad is mostly for reading and short emails. If you want to write long emails or type, one can buy Bluetooth keyboard in addition to base iPad. I did not buy it but if I need I will get it. This is my first Apple product and I think the user interface is superior. But it also depends on the application. For some applications it is not great but mostly very user friendly. Mostly I use Windows based product and Blackberry for phone.



shuchita said...

I some how I don't like it that much and I used to do the same with my dad

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Interesting review. I think I am not sold on the ipad mainly because of it's stupid size. Supposedly you can slip it in your bag, but that is too big for any bag I have (obviously could use backpack or laptop bag but that would defeat the purpose). But interesting to hear that some of kindles book formating problems have been solved, although I still don't like that the screen in this case is back lit. I can't stand reading on line, though I do too much of it.

You left a rather unusual comment, by the way. Which picture didn't you like?

Bhargavi said...

Though i am not a gadget freak,i am am sold on the ipad.. I saw this cool youtube video where a bunch of guys made music using the applications on ipad.. total fun !

Anonymous said...

Interesting... said...

nice review...I know Ipad..and all related "I"s and apple products ..they are husband is jus in love with these gadgets ..just have to control his itch :)
I have iphone..ipod..Imac and Ipad yet to buy,,they are good..
quality matters definitely..they have good products!!

Amrit said...


That is okay. One cannot like everything.


Reading book / documents on iPad is much easier than Kindle though it is back lit screen. But you can adjust the brightness and screen type. It is not too bad. I am not sure if you can fit in your bag. If you are carrying laptop to school and have to take extensive notes, iPad is NOT the right choice unless you get a keyboard with it.


I am not sure about making music. I will check it out. Thanks.


Thanks for interesting comment.


Thanks. Quality does appear to be better. For me it is first Apple Product after iPod that I bought years back.

kiran sawhney said...

You know I am a big Apple fan. Anything by apple and I have to have it. Ipad, Mac book pro, iphone, ipod.
Their products rock (and you compared it with a rock).
Great review.
Must say your daughter is very smart.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks buddy

raji said...

good post .I am actually wasting a lot of time thinking ipad is better or i phone whilst both have same features and iphone needs an additional 75$plan while ipad doesnt necessarily need .But again I was thinking about wi fi and now u clarified tht point.So now I think I should conclude with the I pad .or ...wait should I wait for something new..?:)

raji said...
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Geeta said...

Nice review. The only thing missing for me is a usb port.

Amrit said...


So you are part of Apple cult. I am not far. I don't have iPhone or MacBook. But I like iPad. Thanks for the comments.


iPad screen is bigger and there is no phone or camera. It is meant for browsing, reading, media streaming and short emails using WiFi at home and 3G if you are outside. I did not think I need 3G because I can live without internet access for sometime. Go for it. You will like it.


It does have USB port through iTunes for transferring music, photos, word document, excel document, ebooks etc. For computer professionals who like to create own directories and need better control how the files are stored, iPad/iPhone do not provide any mechanism. Thanks for the compliment.

Neena Sharma said...

Interesting. Having said that, I'll be the last person on earth to buy an iPad.

Usha said...

A, Nice detailed review of Ipad, I am not a gadget current cell phone is too hi-tech for me. I just enjoy knowing about those gadgets...It got so many features then why no camera? and no USB port that means you can not transfer pictures from camera. Not seen it for real so no idea how exactly it looks..may be during next visit to best buy i will see how it looks. Concluding comparison is nice. :)