Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Facebook Facebook

“What is so good about Facebook?” My daughter asked a simple question.

I tried to simplify, “Facebook is one big photo album to share pictures, comments and opinions with all your friends and view theirs.”

“Is that why you like Facebook?”

“Oh yes. I love Facebook but for different reasons. Facebook made my life so pleasant.”

“It made your life pleasant. Really! How is that?” My reply surprised her.

“Instead of emails, most people use Facebook to broadcast interesting but unimportant links. That makes my mailbox clean and free of junk emails. ”

“Is that all? Being free of spam is your only reason”, she asked.

“Well. One more reason! Besides spam, Facebook also freed up a lot of my time.”

“How?” she asked with curiosity.

“Because Facebook keeps someone in this house entertained and busy all the time. Can you guess who that is?”

She rolled her eyes towards my wife, looked back at me and then chuckled but did not say a word. We both knew the answer. Engrossed in checking status updates of her Facebook friends, my wife did not see our eye to eye communication but noticed a pause in what she considered noise.

My wife asked, “Did he say something about Facebook and me?”

My daughter looked at me, smiled and replied, “Dad says your Facebook profile picture is awesome.”

I will let readers decide if this statement worked and I am sure all readers have their own opinion about Facebook.

(Image:- Facebook login page, copied from Google images).


Neeha said...

I take your wife's side.
That's not fair..You too are tooo busy in your blogging world,your comments on the same day I post tells me you check dem daily..Let her enjoy her world.
But dunno y I prefer orkut.Oldish na?

Tanishka said...

Facebook is helpful in too many ways I must say... :)

RiĆ  said...

There's an upside as well as a downside to it...but i wud like to look at the +ve side of fb. :) And i m sure that line worked. ;)

Renu said...

Individual' choice I think, I have opened an account on face book on the insistance of my sis, but I rarely go there.

Rama Ananth said...

I use FB regularly. However I like blogspot better. Though the same things can be dome in fB too.

Tanvi said...

i enjoy reading your conversations with your daughter! Facebook = Entertainment but I do not use it AS MUCH as I did say 2 years back! :)

Insignia said...

Its fine as long as you dont get addicted to it. Then there are "loneliness" syndrome when you dont see any "pokes" or messages from your friends even while you have 200+ friends on your list :)

Anonymous said...

That is one clever daughter! I like her :D

Bikram said...

on a completely professional view.. its very dangerous and a lot of crime is being committed on facebook YEPPP.. so i dont like it though i use it but jsut to say hi hello to friends THats it ...


Anonymous said...

Wow! your daughter is pretty clever and very smart :)
Cool reasons to like FB :D

Suruchi said...

i kinda like*er...alrite LOVE* facebook would restrain my opinion here...
and that's a smart daughter...a smarter daddy n the smartest of all mommy...i must say:-)

shuchita said...

your daughter is very smart :)

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Facebook is such a waste of time. When I was living abroad in 2009 I was on facebook all the time, until I realized that some of the people I was following on facebook I probably wouldn't bother calling if I was in Vancouver. Now I hardly ever go on. But to be fair, I agree with the first commenter. You (and I) have just replaced facebook with a blog, and still get a lot of our social interaction with people online. I would argue that the blog is more personal and creative, but in my case at least, it's also quite a limited representation of myself (because it's a themed blog). I don't know if you find that with yours?

sm said...

FB is useful but i do not use it much.

Anonymous said...

I use facebook regularly to keep up with the social information... but I have seen high school kids glued to their facebook accounts all day... and you should see their status messages... "eating a mars bar"... "going for English class, do I need to?"... "ditching school to go shopping"... "on second pack of ciggies"... I mean these are rediculous.. the world doesn't need to know all this information and it is quiet dangerous to put all this information on WEB... no privacy... and huge threat of identity theft... considering the amount of personal information that is on facebook anyone can be tracked!!!

Bhargavi said...

lol..Flattery always works,so my guess is it worked.There was a "Yipee,i can be in touch with long lost friends" stage.Now,its just "Okay,so what ?".FB is just too scary for me to handle.

kiran sawhney said...

Your daughter is very cute and very intelligent. Her statement must have worked. Add me on fb.

raji said...

Hi A ,this is not guys don't have a better job than commenting ur wives;whilst the fact is that most of the men too find fb fascinating!I think even men like peeking into profiles and photos of their friends (especially female friends):) said...

that was WISE!!how old is the little moppet?
but I am sure your wife is smart too!!ladies and wives know all :)
I am not a big face-book fan I agree with Mannat..its all BS and updates ..some Aunties passtime..or jus teenagers!!to me its for hello hi..
I like blog spot more ,its informative ,way to respond to friends and privacy is maintained,,
Mom says"Face Book is Actually an OPEN BOOK...every-other personal information is there!!

Anonymous said...

I am putting this funny link, someone posted on my facebook page..

I will suggests folks to watch the movie "Social Network" if anyone hasn't seen it.


Whirlwind said...

Facebook is a useful mechanism to keep in touch with ppl around the globe. But it can get addictive so it would be wise to distract yourself from it once in a while through various social commitments.

AS said...

Its all about what one likes, and how one thinks. Nothing wrong in FB or blogging, both have a different audience and purpose. FB is an open book and one needs to be careful.

R. Ramesh said...

i am on FB..good to be der..but somehow i dont reach there everyday...and find the blog more closer to my heart..dunno reasons boss..hey as usual good post ya..a pat to yr junior btw..

Usha said...

I don't have facebook account and never seen a live screen and detail features of Facebook. Blog and forum interaction is enough for me.
Enjoyed reading conversation part of your daughter. I don't think her statement worked..may be that triggered your wife to join in the conversation...must have ended in laughter. :)

NRIGirl said...

That's an interesting post @A! I could visualize the 'rolling of the eyes'.

Got a little too busy lately that it took me a while to come and read the post. Hope all is well.

chitra said...

Quite interesting conversation by daughter and father and poor mom always gets teased. I am on your side Mrs. A.

Felicity Grace Terry said...

Quite addictive I admit. Similar to Twitter I believe, strange that I have no desire to sign up for this - I don't like the idea of being able to use only so many characters. I love my FB farm as well.

RE: The comments about safety. I think its ok as long as you take care of all the security settings, choose who you befriend carefully - so many people seem to have 100s of friends, very few who they actually know the first thing about - and don't advertise that you are away on holiday so your house is empty.

Haddock said...

.....and I don't like people writing all over my wall (for the whole world to read)

Anonymous said...

ROFL post. :) That's one smart, cute daughter you've got.

Choco said...

Ahhh... I think that site's silly. Or maybe its just cause I started blogging around the same time I got active on Facebook and blogging seemed like more fun :)

Shari said...

Lolz. Well your daughter is smart!! Loved the post so much that I decided to follow your blog.

Anonymous said...

100% it would have

By the way it helps me from writing so many emails. I create different groups and communicate with all in the group at the same time. since communication is different for each group, they dont get to see my posts not related to them.

It is less personal but saves time when I am busy and still wants to be in the loop.

Amrit said...


Good point. I started blogging after her Facebook addiction. That is why I love Facebook. 


Yes. Every software/site is helpful if used correctly. I am also on Facebook.

Agreed. Upside and downside. That line worked. 


I think you should go. You might like it.


I f I want to write more than a paragraph, Blogspot is better. FB is good for short sentences and copied stuff and OFCOURSE PICTURE SHARING.


So you are bored of FB. Yes conversations with kids are always fun to capture.


Fortunately I am not there as yet. No one pokes me on FB. Good point though.




Yes. Take your advice and telling my wife to be careful on what to post on FB.


I hope things are okay in Oz now. Kids are smarter than we think. Thanks.


I thought you would love. You are very social and always want to stay connected. Thanks.




For me FB and Blogging are different. FB is for short sentences and Blogging is really to express myself. FB for me is just to say Hi to your friends and Blogging is to express opinion, express myself in an interesting way so that people read through the post. FB is replacement of verbal hi/hello and phone calls. Because I never stick to one subject in my blog so I do not feel limited. I would write whatever subject comes to my mind. If you notice, I wrote on religion, politicians, leaders, travels, IVF, ridiculous studies…whatever I find interesting. I do not see any reason why you cannot write on different subjects. There is nothing in the blog title that tells me a theme – unless I read it literally.



@Blogger Girl,

Fortunately I do not have any teenager in my friend list so I don’t get to see that kind of crap. Haha. But kids are always different. Agree about identity theft but that is the case with internet in general. A lot of people publish pictures and personal details on their blog posts e.g. I know Tanvi is in India attending a wedding.


Flattery always works. Correct. Once you are connected with your lost friend – then what. Then share pictures, talk with them…and then nothing  I hope you win that contest.


Thanks. Yes that statement worked. I gave your details to my wife.


I agree. Haha. Prior to FB, my wife did not like computers but now she loves computers. Is not that great? I am so happy that she loves computers now. I agree a lot of men go on FB and look at the pictures. Life is unfair….in next story I will write how my wife and daughter gang up against me.


Statement worked. My wife likes FB because she is connected back to her family, friends in India. She basically wants to live in India and this gives her virtual India….another benefit of FB.

@Anonymous (DM),

Thanks. I saw that youtube video. It is funny. Thanks.

Amrit said...


Internet is pretty addictive too. I am addicted to blogs as well. FB is not that addictive for me. But for some people, may be it is more addictive. What I do not like people copying other’s stuff on FB and not original. On Blogs, we have more original reading material.


Yes. It is all about personal choices these days. I agree Blogs and FB are different species.


You are closer to your blog because me ‘us’ – your blogging friend..haha. On a serious note, IMO, you are close to your blog because you take time to write short stories and articles – original, new material – created by yourself.


You got to have FB account. You must open. When I see you next time, we will get you one. I opened FB account for all my friends and they love it now.


Thanks. Are they not all same in rolling eyes?


Thanks. Not always the case. My wife and daughter gangs up more often….I will write one of those stories very soon.


Thanks. I do not tweet. I agree about security.


Well in technology world, we call FB – blackboard/wall technology. It is actually pretty old technology/method but FB has made it very user friendly.


Kids are smart these day…well always. 


You will like it. It is not too bad. Thanks


Welcome. Nice to see you here. Thanks for the compliment. Hope to see you more.


Yes. It worked 100%. Yes. FB is useful for ‘mass communication’ – haha. 

Punam said...

I use FB very rarely.. there are times when I am kind of.. u know.. FBing for a few days.. then I lose interest.. and then I disappear for a long time. Well, it's actually just another one of those sites. I know ppl who are badly hooked on to it. But I find it difficult to keep pace, and it makes not much sense to me.

Geeta said...

That's a nice write up on a conversation between you and your daughter.

The data mining from social sites is the only downside I see. But that does not keep me too far away from FB.

Anjuli said...

I loved the way you related this conversation between your daughter and yourself. I especially loved her quick reply to your wife's question- what a smart young lady! AND I'm sure your wife was PLEASED with the smart reply.

As for facebook- it has been helpful for my family because we are spread all over the globe. We don't need to intrude in each others' lives to keep up w/ pics etc- all we have to do is click on a picture and be able to see the latest niece or nephew- party- celebration or whatever it may be. I'm not that into the status updates-- although I know some who are very observant about those.

I keep telling myself I'll consolidate with my hubby and just have ONE facebook- but then I think, "Maybe not"- hmmm....dilemma.

Tauqeer said...

Hahahah, interesting:P

I disabled my account since long....

Irfanuddin said...

well.. its good to be there at facebook, but be there only when u r online....I have several friends who struggle to get to sleep because they are thinking about the latest game or wondering how their website statistics are looking, If you do this then it could be a sign that you are heading towards a problem..... avoid being addict of it then nothing wrong having urself there.

Sh@s said...

I like the kind of mischievous bond you share with your daughter. I can see her ganging up with you to pull a fast one on your wife. How old is your daughter?

dr.antony said...

Everything is good so long as used carefully.I wouldn't let my children go to internet ,unless the computer is kept at a common place at home.I have witnessed many tragic events in many families due to misuse of sites like this.

Anonymous said...

I check FB daily. It's nice to know what people are doing. Everything in moderation though! It's saves tiime. You don't have to send so many emails. Anyone who wants to know what you are doing can do so! Others can ignore. Security issues is a big problem there! Especially when FB itself changes some settings when they do an upgrade or something. I am an ex- farmville addict. So I understand perfectly! I actually had withdrawal symptoms!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

using facebook is usage of time, just avoid it,.

it also exposes your profile to everyone,.

at the same time there is some advantages also.

keep smiling,. keep smiling,.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Having a busy week, A? By the way, when you asked to see pictures of SA, did you mean South Africa? I've been thinking of doing a flashback post at some point on that....

Tanishka said...

Hey A... Long time, no new post... Keep posting... :)

Asma Khan said...

To me Facebook is a tool, we can use it for many purposes, like sharing positive thoughts, sharing about common faith and it may be use in the favor of Islam. :)

kiki said...

ya i feel same as your daughter...

Anonymous said...

Facebook i hate it.

it created a lot of misunderstandings between me and my sweet heart, hurted her a lot.

i don't like using facebook.

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