Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Award to Bloggers

A fellow blogger SG presented me ‘Cherry on Top’ award for the choice of my blog posts subjects. As part of the acceptance of this award, I have to tell three good things about myself. I learned from my experience that sometimes others know more about one than oneself and it probably applies to me also. Taking feedback from my friends, I have come up the following three:
1. I take a lot of pride in my profession and have a lot of respect for people who do their own job with diligence. I described about my profession in my earlier blog “Tribute to Technocrats”.
2. Some people tell me I write reasonably well. Besides some friends, when my wife read my first story ‘My First Love’, she became suspicious of me. She thought I captured reality. I will leave it to fellow blogger to decide.
3. Staying focused is my strength and can become my weakness at times. While trying to do housekeeping my blog today, I ignored some household work.
Procrastination in passing on this award is due to difficulty in choosing the fellow blogger. A number of very talented and deserving bloggers are far superior to me. The list is long and includes travelers like Anjuli and Le Monde, professional journalist like R Ramesh (Global Madrasi), technocrats like Insignia, NRI Girl and Bikramjeet Mann and passionate people like B K Chowla (Change India). I love reading all of them and many more. However, I had to pass on the award and I picked up the following posts (not blogger) for this award:

1. Oh Dear Come Near: It is an amazing post from Readers Dias. The poetry and supporting pictures are beautiful. After reading this post many times, I made my friends, wife and daughter read it too.

2. Confusion: Combination of facts and satire makes this article perfect read. Current affairs of India and Indians made truthful and simple by B K Chowla at Change India.

3. Garbage Collection: Learning to let go is difficult. This post by NRI Girl handles such a difficult subject with utmost simplicity.

4. Golden Temple: Beautiful pictures and accurate description of the Golden Temple by Le Monde. Kudos to the blogger for putting together pictures of various parts of the world with poetic description. For planning my recent trip to Goa and Mumbai, this is the first and only site I checked instead of Maharashtra tourism.

Please accept the award and keep writing. 


Chatterbox said...

Congratulations :razz:

anupama said...

Dear A,
Good Morning!
I am happy to reach your site today to see that my friend,Unni has been selected for the award!It is a joyous occasion as he deserves many more feathers to his cap!You have made my day!He respects you a lot!Unni is so talented and has abright future as a writer.
I appreciate the way you have taken the decisions based on the posts,not the bloggers!:)
I feel sincerity and simplicity in your posts.
Wishing you a wonderful day ahead,

Bikram said...

You write very well my friend and thanks for Mentioning my name and liking what i write.. though some of the people mentioned on your article will differ cause some stage they called me a Joker and sympathy hunter...

But I am glad you like my blog , very much appreciated and I am really very THANKFUL for that..

and the award you gave to the posts , all of them are beautiful...

THanks once again

Ps :- its Bikramjit

Insignia said...

Congrats on the award. Your 3rd point - yeah it so happens that our strength becomes our weakness. I do have certain qualities that way

And thank you very much for mentioning me here. Feel honored :-)

BK Chowla, said...

I am honoured.
Thanks a lot for the award. I appreciate

NRIGirl said...

Loved it! Flattered by your comments and also the award. Thank you!

~ NRIGirl

Readers Dais said...

Dear Freind,

A- the real blogger
B-eing a simple speaker
C - how he spreads joy like a sparkler :)

Freind, to be true im not sure how to express my feelings thru words, comments are always an inspiration, but there are some comments that inspires us to a level where we really believe ourselves with a responsibility, and your comments were among them and so is this award that u give me here....thank you freind, Im honoured.

U know what? the quality what i like in you ( apart from ur post topics & writing style) is that you are someone who shares what you cherishes, and when something makes you happy,i believe the first thought you may have is to share the happiness, believing the same will make them happy too...something that we see very rarely in this present world, so freind this world becomes a better place with people like you who deserves to live with your head held high.

Thanks Once again....
ive not said this cos of this award, if u remember u mostly mention how u shared things with others, even here uve done that...so thats the real you :) & congrats for your award from SG & to all the bloggers whom you have mentioned, as u said, no blogger is better than the other, some posts do the magic, and its important that "some" post reach people who read seriosly too...im lucky for that.

SG said...

Nicely written. All those people you chose are excellent. Deserving.

Nisha said...

I am sorry I came late, was extremely busy.
First, thank you very much for mentioning my name here. I am honoured and humbled. Actually you've written so much about me that I am embarrassed too. :-)

A, you write very well and I wish I can pick up a few strings from you. You narration is very realistic and at times touches heart. Keep it up dear friend.

Once again, thanks for the award.

Amrit said...

Thanks to every one of you to visit here and support.

@Chatterbox:- Thanks. I love your short stories. They are awesome.
@Anupama:- Uni is lucky to have a friend like you.
@Bik:- You are very good with bringing up honest thoughts. Your article on Father's Day and Gold Wall are some examples.
@Insginia:- Thanks for visiting and supporting.
@BK:- Honor is ours to read your blog.
@NRI:- You deserve it. Many more days to come.
@Readers Dias:- You are too kind. Congratulations once again.
@SG:- Thanks for awarding me.
@Nisha:- You know it is true. I have been talking to about possible sites in Mumbain and Goa.

sm said...

congrats for award
you write very well

Amrit said...


Thanks. But nothing like your articles.

Neha said...

I read RD and BK Chowla..RD is a natural talent when it comes to poetry..so is Chowla sir..very innovative way to present a blog award..

congratulations for the award :)