Monday, May 3, 2010

Answer of the "Who is the photographer?" Quiz

(Post updated on 4th May 2010 11:30PM EST USA Time.
Sonu solved this quiz in no time. The excerpts from Sonu's email have been added at the end of this post. Please do read that.)

We came across an enthusiastic photographer while admiring the wax figures of the world leaders, the Hollywood and the Bollywood stars at Madame Tussauds museum, London. She was taking her own sweet time to complete the shot. Like several other courteous spectators, we stopped for her to complete the shot. The flash never turned on. The camera would not click. Careful examination of the girl revealed the deception. She was a wax figure. Slightly embarrassed, we smiled and I took the picture of the wax figure of the photographer. I found this to be the most intriguing and creative method to demonstrate the talent of the creators.

I tried the same method to show the beauty of the wax figures but ‘Sonu’ clearly caught me.

Sonu, great job. I am very interested to know how you figured it out. Please email me if you can and I will publish it here or capture in the comments.

My email address is :- arealblogger@gmail. com

Some more pictures from the museum.

Recently one of my friend emailed with this link of a wax museum in India. I think it is pretty good. Check it out and decide yourself.

Excerpts from Sonu’s email

"Armed with engineering background, strong analysis skills and a wise professor’s advice to be observant, I examined the key object i.e. the picture in the quiz. Careful observation of the picture exposed unusual shine in the fingers. Zooming and reviewing enlarged view of the abnormal fingers confirmed my suspicion and I ‘cracked’ the quiz."


BK Chowla, said...


Insignia said...

Hmm Interesting and surely deceptive :-)

Nisha said...

I would have never guessed it, was waiting for your answer. It looks so real. I have been to Tussauds museum in Paris. That is equally good.

And abt the link... There are several other museums like this in Maharashtra depicting village life. I saw one in Goa, one near Ganaptipule.

R. Ramesh said... was a wax figure?? figure she is no doubt hehehe..btw..A, thanks for yr greeting msg birthday is actually march 27 but my dad had entered as april 27 for school record purposes..take care buddy best wishes always:)

Unknown said...

Hey Thanks A ,
Feels gud to crack the quiz.

Usha said...

After reading Sonu's answer I took careful look on her fingers and felt that they are too shiny and longer...That is amazing artistic wax figure.

Is her statue full or just half ?

Sonu Congratulations!!

NRIGirl said...

Actually I too thought the fingers didn't look real but got carried away with your question - which made me think she is real. Good one A! Keep adding more travel posts.
~ NRIGirl

Amrit said...

@Sonu, you are welcome. I replied to your email and I will post what you sent me.

@Usha:- It is a full length wax statue. People think it is a girl and wait for her to finish the shot and then get embarrassed.

@NRIGirl:- I will add more travel posts. For me writing stories is more time consuming. This was easy.

Readers Dais said...

Ha! Ha!
that was real fun, ur blog is lively Eh!
congrats sonu for the cracking brain! :)

Neha said...

nice one..and I would call this - creativity at one of its bests :D

Anjuli said...

Great!! I would have never guessed- congrats to Sonu for her great analysis.

Amrit said...

@Readers Dais:- Thanks. It was fun for me too. I enjoyed this one a lot.

@Neha:- Thanks. Creativity borrowed from museum. I really liked the Was museum and specifically this figure because I stopped there thinking it was a real person.

@Anjuli:- Thanks.

Sonu did a great job. Sonu cracked the earlier quiz too.

Unknown said...

hi friends ..
Thanks to Usha , Readers Dais and Anjuli

R. Ramesh said...

hahah u r not allowed in the kitchen?? lucky bum heheh

raji said...

wow this was a nice one..actually iam late.. was this photo posted without the other 2 wax models for the quiz?if yes..then i could also have probably guessed it ..if no..then sonu has done a great job!

Amrit said...


Yes. See the earlier post. Photo was posted without other models. Only in the answer, I posted two more models.

Anonymous said...

I too am late but I thought it is a wax figure from your description itself. So was not surprised reading the answer.

you gave away too many hints...i like ur questions... hats off 2 u...

Shobha said...

Similar incident happened to us when we visited Madame Tussaud's Museum. They had an information desk outside the museum and we went to enquire something and suddenly realized it was a wax figure behind the counter..lolz