Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Best Medicine

Reeling under the pain, unshaven for two days and wearing unclean cloths, I tried to get up from the soft, clean, king size bed but could not. Drowsy under the side effect of Percocet, I gave up my effort to stand up. Instantly my wife came up and put the blanket back on me. Back in the blanket watching television I thought “Why am I so unlucky? Why do I have to go through this pain?”

“Chicken soup will be ready in 5 minutes.” My wife announced in a soft tone.

“No, I don’t feel like eating anything right now.” I replied

“You need energy to recover and handle these medicines. You don’t have a choice.” My daughter interjected.

“Please, not right now.” I replied

“Dad, remember when I am sick you ask me to eat healthy so I recover fast.” As usual she used my advice on me.

In less than five minutes, she got the chicken soup bowl neatly placed in a tray and placed it on the side table and made me sit in the bed. I gave up my resistance and surprisingly found that the soup was delicious. Before I could finish the soup, the home phone started ringing in the other room.

“Your cell phone has been also ringing since morning.” My wife said while my daughter grabbed the home phone.

“It is Suresh.” My daughter announced and gave the phone to me.

Suresh, one of my colleagues at my work, queried about the accident and asked if he could come to see me. Suresh and his wife came in the evening and with utmost modesty she mentioned she got some food for us and handed a large packet to my wife. The packet had yummy South Indian food that we would eat for next one week.

Suresh’s visit alleviated some pain.

Just after Suresh left, the doorbell rang and we had Akash and his wife on the doorstep.

“I called few times but got voice mail so we just decided to come.” Akash announced in his loud yet friendly tone. With the encyclopedia of jokes and one liners, mild natured Akash is always fun. By the time Akash left, I felt I never had an accident. It was amazing to see how visits from friends cure you so fast.

Next day I returned calls to all my friends and family. While on the phone, the doorbell rang and we expected another unannounced visitor, but this time it was delivery of fruit basket from ‘Friends at work’.

I resumed work following the weekend. For several weeks my colleagues ensured to pick me from home and drop me back as I could not drive. Suresh even drove me to shops to pick up a surprise Valentine gift for my wife. Friends continued to drop at home and kept me entertained and cheerful. Visits from friends, phone calls, emails, forum message and ‘Get Well Soon’ cards worked miraculously. Love, care and thoughts of my friends and family worked better than medicines and healed by hurting body. I am lucky to have such wonderful people around me.


NRIGirl said...

Hello A! Glad to see you back - posting! Seems like you have a huge battalion of friends and well wishers who made the recovery easier... Hats off to them all!

Now stay safe and write more! Especially looking forward to the completion of the "Beautiful Sikh boy"


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Yes and special thanks to all my friends. I wrote this specifically for them.

Anonymous said...

Nice narrative. You are graced by good people around you. Its a very good feeling to know that one is surrounded by good friends and well wishers.


Amrit said...

Satish, Thx. I also include AT friends are yourself in my surrounding.

LinZi said...

Hello A, just started visiting your blog after seeing the link on SM. I enjoy your posts. :)

Anjuli said...

wow- what a lovely post- it is true that having good friends and family is one of the best medicines in the world. :)

Amrit said...

Thanks Anjuli. Yes family, friends and blog friends helped a lot.

Anjuli said...

It is just as good with a second reading!

raji said...

this is a nice 'story',yes freinds are always our best companions than anyone else ..i always revert back to my freinds when iam lonely ..

Rachna said...

You are lucky to have so many caring friends around you. Friends, relatives anyone offering some TLC is wonderful when one is suffering. I remember the time when my mum was really sick in the ICU (she passed away young at 52 years, and I was just married), and I flew down from the US to be at her bedside. My brother, sis and me just stood outside the door of the ICU and cried without saying a single word. The 3 of us ganged up together to shield our dad at this vulnerable time. We also sustained each other through this time of immense grief most of the time without speaking a single word. What can I say -- love sustains!